Chasing Our Tails 2-Pack 100-Percent Naturally Shed Moose Antler Chew Flatastic Snack

Our Antler Chews are 100% naturally shed and foraged by hand from the woods in Maine and New Hampshire USA. Our Antlers are foraged, pressure washed, and cutup. No additional processing is needed. Antlers are one of the most easily digested forms of calcium available and are regularly consumed by the wildlife including rabbits, squirrels, skunk and mink. Since our antlers are never farm raised these antler never contain steroids, antibiotics, preservatives or any artificial additives. It is important to properly size our antler products to your dog and your pets overall desire to chew. Our Moose Rack Snacks are considered the premier antler on the market today due to the superior density of the antler. Moose antlers do not tend to chip or splinter like some cooked and raw bones do. Given this above average density, we sell our antlers based on overall size and not by weight to ensure that you get maximum value for your money. Additionally, we never cut our antlers in half, as this too can compromise the integrity and durability of the antler. Moose antler is your best choice for the most aggressive chewing dogs regardless of size. Rack Antler Dog Chew 100% naturally shed antlers from the USA

Quick facts

  • Recommended for older dogs puppies and multiple dog households does not chip splinter or peel as cooked bones do
  • Small recommended for breeds under 15 lbs
  • These all-natural chews are a great natural renewable source of Calcium, Phosphorus, Manganese and Zinc. This helps keep tartar knocked down on teeth.
  • Great indoor chew, leaves no greasy mess on floors does not develop odor like hooves or bully sticks. No animal was harmed in the making of our chews.
  • Natural product of the U.S.A.

Top reviews


I have a 12-year-old and 2-year-old dog that are VERY food/treat/chew motivated. I was so glad to find these as it fit all of my requirements on natural/no antibiotics/USA, etc. etc. Since neither have ever turned down a treat or chew, I was shocked when they walked away. For two days I’ve tried to get them interested. Nothing. Took them to a neighbor whose dog also walked away, and then to a friend whose dog did the same thing. Wish I could give it zero stars, but review has to show at least one.
MoonSacul, TX

Picture shown BIGGER than actual size

Picture shown BIGGER than actual size 🙁
My dogs love it, but for the price and smaller size than originally thought, it just wasn’t worth it.
AmericaMetamora, OH

Great for strong chewers

Our dog is a very strong chewer and we are always looking for something that is safe for her to chew, but will keep her interest for extended time. Tried the reindeer antlers and she enjoys them, but once they have been chewed on she loses interest. Not so with the moose chew. She chews on it until she gets tired. There have been no sharp edges or shards to injure her. I bought a 2-pack to try and the first one has lasted a few days now.
They are expensive compared to rawhide or pig ears, etc. But it has held her interest longer than nylabones. Haven’t seen any bad digestive reactions so far.
TresaCandia, NH

dogs love them!

The bones were just as described.. the dogs loved them! The small were very small next time i’ll order the larger ones!
LongWendel, PA

That small?

I gave the two pieces of antler to a friend’s two pitbulls and he said they had devoured them in about two hours. For the price, it was a waste of money. I guess if someone had a smaller dog it would be worth it, but the dogs in my arena are big dogs and bigger chewers and the antlers didn’t last half a day. I won’t spend money on antlers again. I will try to find someone who goes hunting and will give them to me for free. Nice idea though.
BrantToledo, OH

Doggie Crack

Both of my dogs love these antlers and they are much cheaper than other antlers available through amazon. My doggies love that they can easily get to the marrow, but perhaps because of this, these don’t last as other antlers. On the other hand these hold the dogs attention longer than other antlers. I am extremely happy with this product and will continue to order them.
NitaKeensburg, IL

Shazo’s Mom

My 5yr old Border Collie mix and 9mo old American Bulldog mix LOVE them, more than the deer antlers. Last a long time and they chew on them for hours. Much safer than rawhide!
NoahCoaldale, CO

Great Price!

I was buying these at the pet store for $20 EACH, with this deal you get two for that price. I ordered the largest size possible because I know my corgis like to chew the heck out of these. They love these. I’ve discovered they prefer the flat ones to the rounded type. One that was sent in this deal was just a little curved, which makes it harder for their stumpy legs to hold while chewing, so they “argue” over who gets the un-bent one! If I hold the crooked one then they will chew it but they definitely like the flatter one best! A very good value if your dogs are chewers!!!
NeelyMeeker, CO


Bought the largest size and hoping it was the size it said on the description it was not , half the thickness easy if not smaller , not what I paid for
DrusillaScott, OH


I got this for my 80 lbs german shepherd mix. Unfortunately he doesn’t like it, but the 5lbs chihuahua does!
The big one goes through rawhide quickly so I thought this might slow him down a bit, but no luck. He gives it a lick once in a while, but doesn’t want anything to do with it most of the time. The chihuahua loves it, but it’s way too big for him so he just chews on the corners.
CharissaBella Vista, CA

Dogs loved it, but it goes quick

My dogs LOVED these, but they didn’t last as long as I was hoping. My lab mix has had hers for about 2 hours and it’s 2/3 gone. I’m going to do some research and see if there are other antlers that are a bit denser as these are a little pricey to go that quick. However, if you’re dog isn’t a destructive little beast like mine is, then you’re fine 🙂
HoseaWanblee, SD

Great Natural Treat

These moose antlers are a great natural treat for my small dogs. I bought the first antler piece because my trainer recommended it as a preservative-free product. The pieces I purchased through Amazon are small but for little dogs like my 7 month old Chihuahuas they will last a long time. I prefer these over bully sticks or rawhides because they do not cause any tummy upset or difficulties with the pups’ stool. For small dogs like mine, just a few minutes with a bully stick today means a rumbling tummy tomorrow. When I first introduced the antler piece, the female barked at it and ran away. The male immediately took to it so his sister had to give it a try. Now she loves them as much as he does. They will sit or down or just about anything to get their antler. Another plus is that I will let them bring the antler onto my lap! Not so with a slimy bully sticks.
EuniceRolling Prairie, IN

Not happy.

I was very excited to purchase these antlers for my dogs. I am always searching for new natural yet different chew options for my dogs. I was very disappointed when the antlers lasted no more than 15 mins for each dogs. Maybe these are better for x-small to medium dogs.
JamaTunica, LA