Chasing Our Tails Elk Rack Snack, 100-Percent All Naturally Shed Elk Antler Chew, Small Size 4-Inch to 6-Inch, For up to 15# Dogs

Our Antler Chews are 100-percent naturally shed and foraged by hand from Colorado. No animal was harmed in the making of our antler chews. Elk naturally shed their antlers after the rut typically starting in Late October and continuing through the winter. Our Antlers are foraged, pressure washed, and cutup. No additional processing is needed. These all-natural chews are a great natural renewable source of Calcium, Phosphorus, Manganese and Zinc. Antlers are one of the most easily digested forms of calcium available and are regularly consumed by the wildlife including rabbits, squirrels, skunk and mink. Since our antlers are never farm raised these antler never contain steroids, antibiotics, preservatives or any artificial additives. It is important to properly size our antler products to your dog and your pets overall desire to chew. Our Elk Rack Snacks are considered the premier antler on the market today due to the superior density of the antler. Elk antlers do not tend to chip or splinter like some cooked and raw bones do. Given this above average density, we sell our antlers based on overall size and not by weight to ensure that you get maximum value for your money. Additionally, we never cut our antlers in half, as this too can compromise the integrity and durability of the antler. Elk antler is your best choice for the most aggressive chewing dogs regardless of size. Elk Rack Antler Dog Chew 100-percent naturally shed antlers from the USA

Quick facts

  • Weighs significantly more than our competitors, please review shipping weight below to compare
  • Small recommended for breeds up to 15-pound
  • Great source of calcium, zinc, manganese and potassium help keep tartar knocked down on teeth
  • Great indoor chew, leaves no greasy mess on floors does not develop odor like hooves or bully sticks
  • Natural product of the U.S.A

Top reviews

too pricey

While I knew that the product was small and expensive I also knew my dog would love it. Here’s the problem as I see it. The elk rack is realy an excellent product in and of it self, but when you add the cost o f the product and the shipping it is way too expensive. So I checked around both on line and off-line. I found many other sites and places which have the same produc at a much more reasonable cost. So much for believing that Amazon offered a good value. Hope you find this informative.
RamonaParon, AR

No Interest

Bought this as a Christmas present for my two Yorkies to try out. One is a huge chewer and I thought he would be interested for sure. NOPE! He has gnawed at the ends a few times, but overall he does not like it. Even when I’ve run out of bully sticks and himalayan dog chews, he doesn’t think it’s delicious.

Although my dog doesn’t like it, I would say that it’s a good product in terms of quality.

CandraDanielsville, PA