Chateau D’ Lanz Swiss Licorice Hard Black Licorice Drops, 2-Ounce Bags

“The Champagne of Licorice” Genuine Old World Flavour. No Fats, Fillers, Cholesterol, Preservatives, or Dyes. All Natural ingredients. Contains 10% calcium from Licorice Root. For years Howard Lanz had searched for the Swiss Licorice he had enjoyed as a child. Modern day Licorice could not satisfy the taste he was looking for. Almost everything available was made with molasses, wheat flour, inert fillers, dyes and artificial ingredients that took away from the true Licorice flavor. In 1982, Howard Lanz, a Swiss Chemist, decided to make Swiss Licorice the way he remembered it. In 1988, after in-depth research and development using genuine Licorice Root along with other natural ingredients, Howard created Chateau D’Lanz Swiss Licorice with the rich Licorice flavor that he remembered from so long ago. You too will enjoy these hard, flavorful licorice pieces.

Quick facts

  • Product of the USA
  • No Fats, Fillers, or Cholesterol
  • All Natural

Top reviews

Swiss Licorice is a delicious gourmet treat

Chateau D’ Lanz is a small US company located in the Pacific NW. Their black licorice is manufactured in small batches using very high quality natural ingredients like herbal licorice & anise, rather than synthetic flavors.

The flavor of Swiss Licorice is intense & long-lasting. Comparing it to my childhood favorite, gluten-filled black licorice pipes, I would say that while the Swiss is neither bitter nor overpowering, yet it has a flavor that is deeper and mellower than the childhood favorite.

These candies are called “hard” but they are not hard like a brittle lifesaver. Rather, the texture is semi-hard, allowing the candy to dissolve very slowly in the mouth — at a much slower rate than livesavers, IME. The long-lasting nature of the candy texture, combined with the intense flavor, makes for a unique taste experience.

While the price of this product seems a bit high, I’ve found on balance that Swiss licorice is a bargain, for both the pocket-book and the diet. Two drops per day gives me about 1/2 hour of satisfying licorice-flavored snacking.

My only complaint is, this licorice is quite addictive. I don’t miss jawing down on hard licorice ropes at all.

If the company would come out with a cherry-flavored (think red Nibs) licorice as well, my gluten-free licorice dreams will be completely fulfilled.

DenaeCologne, NJ


This licorice is delicious. It reminds of the licorise I had as a child – the same taste, etc. I’m glad I tried it. Some of the pieces stick together, but it doesn’t matter if you like licorise as much as I do. It tastes great!
TeodoraRed Cloud, NE