Chatham Village Fat Free Garlic & Onion Croutons, 5-Ounce Bags

The tradition started years ago in a small sandwich shop in Chatham, Massachusetts, located at the elbow of Cape Cod. The baker’s goal was to make the freshest, best tasting croutons in the world, using all-natural ingredients. Chatham Village Croutons are unique because they are ‘baked-twice’. They’re made from freshly baked French bread which is cut into tasty morsels. Then the croutons are seasoned with a special blend and baked gently to create a delightful combination of flavor and crunch.

Quick facts

  • Twice Baked
  • All Natural
  • Traditional Cut

Top reviews

Not great but they are OK

If you can get these at Amazon Warehouse at a good price AND you are someone who can use this many croutons..go for it. I would call these basic salad or soup crouton…not bad but not great either.
FrankTowaoc, CO