Cheetos Cheese Snacks, Crunchy, 2-Ounce Large Single Serve Bags

Cheetos Cheese Snacks, is made with real Cheese, contains 0 Grams trans fat. It’s just the right amount whether you’re young or old. Crunchy style of Cheetos cheese-flavored snacks with kicked-up spicing and imparts a satisfying lip-burn.

Quick facts

  • Pack of 64, 2-ounce large single-serving bags (total of 128 ounces)
  • Crunchy style of Cheetos cheese-flavored snacks
  • Gratifyingly noisy to eat
  • Made of cornmeal and real cheddar cheese
  • Ships in Certified Frustration-Free Packaging

Top reviews

The Cheeto Dilemma

When empty crunches
Replace bunches
Of lunches

You get:

Bigger hips
Orange lips
And finger tips


Though conflicted
And restricted
I’m addicted

Amanda Richards, January 31, 2009

VirgenFalls City, OR

What’s Going On With These Crazy Descriptions?

I can’ help but laugh at the thought of breaking up the Cheetos to cut calories. Sensible snacking is what is most important.
This isn’t the healthiest snacks despite the real cheese. Anything modified is genetically altered. If I remember they do have an organic variety.
This is one of those novelty junk foods,and a true guilty pleasure. You just have to get them once in awhile. They are like ice cream in the summer time, at an ice cream venue!
GilmaRockwell City, IA

almost expired box of Cheetos delivered

I am extremely disappointed in Amazon for mailing me a 64 count box of Cheetos in October, that are due to expire in December. I bought them to give as a special treat for my kids during snack time. Even if I give them one bag per day (which I am not keen to do for obvious health reasons), they will expire before we can finish them. Now I am forced to finish them quickly, before we reach the expiration date! What a disappointment.
LavoneWallace, MI

Cheetos 64-pack

The box the chips ship in needs to be stronger
because they routinely gets smashed because
of the light grade of the cardboard the boxes
are made from. More shipping tape should be
used as well because once the box gets smashed,
it sometimes opens exposing the product inside.


DeshawnPeotone, IL

Cheesy Puffs!

Everybody likes Cheetos. This is a great way to buy them. This is the size for including with a sandwich for lunch.
ArmandoWestfield, PA


Whoever thought of inventing these things? Whoever did, these are great snacks. Very cheesy. However, like all these types of snacks, you can’t eat a lot of it. Basically, you just need to make sure you can control your urge to eat a lot of these things. 2oz is the most you should be eating, but mmmmm, they are good!
PaulettaCologne, MN