Cheetos Flamin’ Hot – 50/1 oz

Cheetos Flamin’ Hot – 50/1 oz

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  • Cheetos Flamin’ Hot – 50/1 oz

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Contains MSG

My son loves Hot Cheetos and we try to minimize his consumption of junk food. On special occasions we will let him eat them, and over the past 2 times he has thrown up this red liquid afterward. He says he feels immediately better. The first time we figured he had a flu bug and he didn’t eat the hot cheetos for weeks. Yesterday he came home from camp and as a special treat we let him eat some on the way home. Needless to say he threw up the same red stuff after his chest was burning and stomach hurt. The ingredients say they contain monosodium glutamate so MSG. Parents beware if your child has done the same with specifically the “hot” brands of chips .Cheetos Flamin’ Hot Crunchy 2.0 oz (Pack of 5)Flamin’ Hot Mix – 30 ctFlamin’ Hot Mix – 30 ct
RayfordUnion Church, MS

Flamming Hot Cheetos

The order was handled very professionally from the time I ordered until the day it arrived. THANK YOU !!
NohemiOrient, NY


I am happy with the timely and efficient service and I like the product very well.
NicolMarshall, ND

Flamin’ hot is cheetos is the only way to go!

Great price and overall value, if you like hot cheetos I would recommend this, especially since you can make good money off of it being in a hard to reach place. Love hot cheetos and these were up to par, they should have the lemon flavored ones as well!
ClareKanawha, IA


i love hot cheetos and they don’t have it at cornell. came very quickly and loved it. go but it
MoonFarmington, NM

Just as it should be!

I shudder to think what these are doing to my sons’s stomach and esophagus, but he loves them! This order comes promptly, nothing is crushed, product seems to be fresh.
GenieOrchard Park, NY


Great product! Found them on shelves in Florida. Can’t find them in NY suburbs. Kids take them in their lunches for school every day. A must for those who enjoy hot’n’spicy foods.Cheetos Flamin’ Hot – 50/1 oz
AlthaConstable, NY