Cheez-It Baked Snack Crackers, Reduced Fat, 11.5-Ounce Boxes

Cheez-It Baked Snack Crackers are the perfect choice for snacking at home or when you’re on the go, and there’s a variety of intriguing textures, shapes and sizes to satisfy any taste

Quick facts

  • Pack of four, 11.5-ounce boxes of Cheez-It Baked Snack Crackers from Kellogg
  • About eleven 29-cracker servings per box (approximately 44 total servings)
  • 130 calories per 29-cracker serving; 0 trans fat; 40% less fat
  • Naturally flavored with 100% low fat cheese; kosher dairy
  • Versatile and flavorful snack for the whole family–excellent addition to many favorite recipes

Top reviews

What can you say? They’re Cheez-Its

The title says it all. Why would Amazon suggest I write a review. If you like Cheez-Its you will like these. They’re Cheez-Its. If, however, you do not like Cheez-Its, don’t buy this product because they’re Cheez-Its.
HolliVerplanck, NY

Price is a bit ridiculous

Good product, but $4 a box? I can get this size for $2.50 tops at my local Target or supermarket. What’s the deal?
ChiekoLeewood, WV

Reduced-Unhappiness Cheez-Its

First of all, Cheez-Its are better than Nips because they aren’t covered with that gross powder.

Second, Reduced Fat Cheez-Its are better than Cheez-Its because they have a smokey, woodsy taste, like standing outside in autumn when someone far away is burning leaves. I try now to imagine the taste of Reduced Fat Cheez-Its, and I feel my hands sitting warm in the pockets of my wool coat, arriving at my grandmother’s house in South Carolina for Thanksgiving dinner. The sun sets earlier now; in fact, the sun seems always to be setting this time of year, even at midday. Yellow-orange light reflects softly off everything. I know that inside the house, my grandmother is stirring mashed potatoes on the stove. She doesn’t know that I’ve arrived yet. When I walk through the front door, there will be happiness in her eyes, sincere happiness at seeing me. A kind of happiness that, here in New York in my late twenties, feels so distant. People here are just not that happy to see anyone – certainly not me.

Third, regular Cheez-Its and Better Cheddars are too buttery for my taste. They taste sort of greasy.

SiobhanRochester, WA

These saw me through some very hard times.

A person should completely ignore the price here. To be truthful, if you use coupons and watch for sales, you can get these much cheaper. This review is not about the price, it is about the product.

I love these things and they are one of my favorite snack foods and I am seldom without a box of them open. I love the flavor and eating a few handfuls with a nice crisp apple and a glass of tea is yammers.

I want to say though that not only are these delicious, they are also very filling. This at one time in my life was very important. Yes, there was a time when I was absolutely flat broke; like as in I was not sure where my next meal was coming from. Let me tell you that a box of these things and a glass of water can take you far. It fills an empty belly quite well and if you have every had an empty stomach and were truly hungry, you will know that it is not a pleasant experience.

There were many days that these things were the only thing I had to eat and they saw me trough. Times are better now; a lot better, but I still have a special place in my heart for these little chips. You would think that I would be sick of them after all that; not so, I still like the things.

SolangeDaisy, MO

Great price for NYC better than regular cheez-its (more crisp!)

For a family who loves cheez-its, this is an excellent way to keep them stocked. I use the “subscribe and save” and the cheez-its cost less than NYC area grocery stores (nearly 5 dollars a box here).

Some reviewers claim that they are over priced – but this is a great deal for my area!!

My husband likes reduced fat cheez-its better than the regular. He does not buy them for dietary reasons – he is in excellent shape. He prefers the reduced fat variety because they are MORE CRISP than their counterparts. Highly recommended!

TerresaLansing, KS


My absolute snacking staple – they simply don’t get old! I prefer the reduced fat over the regular because they’re slightly crispier, as well as lighter on the stomach. Buying them from Amazon with Subscribe and Save provides a good price per box, as well.
CarlottaEpworth, IA

Who doesn’t love cheez-its

The ability to subscribe and save is amazing, because in all honesty who doesn’t love cheez-its, especially reduced fat they’re so much crisper
SonDolores, CO

Cheez-Its are always great!

I love cheez-its and using Amazon’s Subscribe and save I save a good amount of money every month having 4 boxes delivered to my home automatically. I eat Cheez-its like they are going out of style so went with the reduced fat to try and lesson the effects of the habit. Great tasting, always fresh.
DeidraEast Pharsalia, NY

Still Cheesy

We’ve always been good fans of Cheez-Its, and while we try to stay away from more processed foods such as this, we found that we still love Cheez-Its every now and then. We found that the reduced fat Cheez-Its taste about the same as the regular Cheez-Its. We will keep buying Cheez-Its at this price, that’s for sure.
GenaroLookout, CA

Great tasting, but what happened??

I used to eat these things by the box (and my waistline started to show it!), so I stopped buying these for awhile. I have started getting these again as a good “low-cal” snack. They did, however, do something to the recipe. They simply don’t taste the same as before. Not saying they don’t taste good, but just don’t taste the same as before. What happened? I have no idea. Maybe it’s an attempt to simulate more cheese flavor, but put it back to what it was.
UlrikeParamus, NJ


Salty, crunchy goodness… reduced fat are noticeably less greasy and go well with a cold drink in front of the tube.
SarahFoxhome, MN

Delicious! The perfect snack!

I live out of the country and can no longer buy reduced fat Cheez-its. I was so excited to learn that I can still enjoy my favorite snack while I am thousands of miles away from the US. Thanks!!
MariaBristow, OK