Chef Boyardee Pep Pizza Kit – 6 Unit Pack

Chef Boyardee has been making kids and adults happy for over 50 years with his delicious pasta recipes that have become part of the American culinary culture. Stock up on these easy to prepare meals today!

Quick facts

  • Makes1 12″ pie
  • Pizza Sauce, Crust Mix and Grated Cheese – add Mozzarella cheese for real pizzaria taste
  • Just like Mom used to make
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  • 6CT

Top reviews


Great pizza, but NOT enough cheese or pepperoni. You have to add your own special touch to it. They provide the tiniest amount of powdered cheese. I added my own shredded mozeralla cheese, but it cooked too fast for the crust. The crust needs more than 20 minutes too cook. It’s a good pizza, but you need to buy extra cheese and pepperoni.
ChetGrantsburg, IN

Childhood memories…

My mother used to make this pizza every week when I was a kid. I LOVED it. I moved cross-country about 14 years ago and had almost forgotten it existed as you can’t find it anywhere in Los Angeles. Someone from back home mentioned it recently and I went on an internet hunt for it soon after. I was DELIGHTED to find this seller on Amazon and beg them to keep it in stock! It’s almost exactly as I remember — crispy and tangy and fantastic! It does seem like the pizza sauce is thinner, more watery, then I remembered it being, but when it bakes, it’s bubbly and rich. There’s never enough cheese, but I always have ground parmesian on hand, so with a few extra sprinkles of that, I think it’s about perfect. So excited to have it again. If only the shipping charge was a bit better… this would be a meal for a steal.
CristyRatcliff, TX