Chef Paul Prudhomme’s Magic Seasoning Blends ~ Magic 7-Pack, Qty. 7 2-Ounce Bottles

Blackened Steak (2oz) Steak-lovers will find themselves smitten by the enticing flavors released by our Blackened Steak Magic. Robust with herbs and spices, yet delicate enough to complement, but not overpower the taste of beef and steak. Meat Magic (2oz) A meat-lover’s best friend! This versatile blend will enhance the flavor of beef, steak, poultry, pork, veal, lamb, wild game, …even fish! Vegetable Magic (2oz) Not crazy about vegetables? Chef Paul’s Vegetable Magic will change your mind! This unique combination of spices was created to enhance the flavor of any vegetable regardless of preparation. Seafood Magic (2oz) A complex blend of premier herbs and spices, Seafood Magic will leave your tongue mesmerized! Poultry Magic (2oz) Tired of the same ho-hum chicken? Try adding some Poultry Magic to your favorite recipe and watch the Magic unfold! This wonderful blend, with its layers of flavor and gentle heat, will bring out the succulent taste of poultry with every bite. Blackened Redfish (2oz) One taste of a dish prepared with this blend, and you’ll understand how all the Magic got started! Chef Paul’s now world-famous Blackened Redfish Magic captures the essence of Southern Louisiana cuisine and works wonders on any kind of fish, no matter how it’s prepared! Pork and Veal Magic (2oz) This unique combination of spices, garlic,and onion will give depth and welcome variety to dishes prepared with pork, veal, and lamb.

Quick facts

  • Pack of seven, 2-ounce bottles(total of 13.8-ounces)
  • Blackened steak magic is in a 1.8-ounce bottle
  • Kosher approved
  • Substitute for normal use of salt, pepper and other herbs and spices

Top reviews

Excellent quality of spices in a handy collection

I’m an avid cook and spice mix experimenter, plus I’ve been a fan of Chef Prudhomme’s delicious recipes for some time.

This is a world-class selection of spice mixes, and definitely a worthwhile gift for the chef in your family. (Or yourself, if you like to try new flavorings on your food other than onion powder and ketchup.)

Although Prudhomme is a well-known Cajun chef, don’t think that his spice mixes are designed to burn your tongue out. The hottest of the mixes in this collection is the Blackened Redfish Magic. It’s a chile-powder kind of burn straight-on, but it also carbonizes into a delicious crust when you’re cooking most any kind of fish in the Prudhomme manner. (Note to those who might try this at home: open the windows or switch off the smoke detectors, this is a smoky dish!)

Other standouts are the Chicken Magic, which is a strong, herbal-scented spice, and the gentler, more complex Seafood Magic, which has notes of pepper and paprika among others in it. And you won’t go wrong with the remainder of the items, which rely primarily on the ground herbs and not table salt or MSG.

MariamMunford, TN

Magic Blackened Seasong

I can’t tell you that I’ve tried all of Chef Paul’s Magic Seasonings, however, I have used the blackened seasoning and I can tell you firsthand that everyone who has tried my blackened fish say they love it and want to know what my secret is. The first time I tried it was after a fishing trip in the Gulf of Mexico. I caught so much snapper that when I got back I started running out of ways to cook it. I was in my local grocery store one day looking at spices for something else when Chef Paul’s blackened seasoning caught my eye. I figured I’d give it a shot and man am I glad I did. I’ve cooked a lot of fish in my days and nothing has ever come out tasting better than my blackened fish.
PhungChappell, KY

I love these seasonings

I ordered this set because I love Chef Paul’s Pizza and Pasta Herbal Magic. I have used all the Magic Seasoning blends and just love them all. What I like the best is the great flavor they add to food without being too salty and they don’t contain MSG or preservatives. I used up all my seasonings and reordered them again and ordered a set for my newly wedded daughter-in-law. The Pork and Veal Magic is excellant on eggs! I highly recommend them.
MoniqueFontana Dam, NC

Kick Ass Seasoning!!

I heard about this product from a friend of mine in Louisiana and told me I had to find this product!! I scoured all the grocery stores but just couldn’t find it, so I went to old faithful and found it in a seven pack!!! They’re ALL good!!! I bought my Mom and my sister the starter set with all the different seasonings. They’re loving them too!!! Just this past weekend on my regular trip to Ingles, I found it!!! Hope you do too!!
BrindaWillow Beach, AZ

Great Seasoning!

These seasonings are wonderful! This pack of blends works perfectly to spice up any meat, seafood, or vegetable! We absolutely love it! 🙂
IngeWatertown, SD

Chef Paul Says it all!

My friends and family think I am a cooking genious….until I explain that I used Chef Paul’s Magic Seasoning Blends. We were introduced to these blends at a dinner party, and our pantry could not be complete without keeping this product well stocked. From fish to beef, this product would be difficult to beat.
BlytheCable, WI

Love Chef Paul

The spices really make my foods taste great – especially the blackened seasoning. I use it on steak and shrimp – – our favorite!
LynellColfax, NC