Cheribundi Tart Cherry Juice, 8 Ounce

Tru Cherry is a not from concentrate tart cherry juice. There are 50 cherries per serving. Tru cherry will help you recover from exercise quicker and sleep better.

Quick facts

  • Pack of Twelve, 8-ounce bottles of Tru Cherry
  • Not from concentrate; fresh pressed
  • Great cherry pie taste
  • Speeds muscle recovery; Used by 40 NCAA Division 1 and pro sports teams
  • America’s Superfruit

Top reviews

Sour- Apples?

Who knew? I probably didn’t read the description well enough or they cleverly deceived me. Either way, this is part apple juice and I didn’t realize that when I ordered it. It is still a good product, but a tad expensive for a blend. There are products out there that are “just” cherry.
LarhondaDresden, OH

Excellent Cherry Juice

This is my favorite cherry juice. First, I chose it because it’s made with cherries picked locally to my home. Next, I discovered there are alleged anti-inflammatory benefits. (Personally, I have experienced this; however, I’m not a doctor and can’t say it would work for others). Lastly, I tried others and why I keep coming back to Cheribundi Tru Cherry is two-fold: this brand is made entirely of cherries/not from concentrate AND tastes FANTASTIC. Other brands cannot come close.
ContessaFarmingdale, ME

Delicious and healthy!

This is produced near my home so I’ve always wanted to try it… but it is pricey. About $2/bottle locally. I bought a four pack and fell in love with it, so I came on here to see if it was cheaper. It is about 20% cheaper… totally worth it to me. I have no idea about the anti inflammatory benefits or anything, but I like the taste, that it contains 50 cherries per bottle (!), and that all the cherries come from NY and MI. Pretty cool.
ArlinePine Bush, NY

Stupendous Tart Cherry Taste

If you like the taste of tart cherries you will love this! It is absolutely delectable. It is not the standard taste of juice, but tastes just like tart cherries.
ArceliaVersailles, IN

it like a Tart Cherry pie in a glass

If you are a cherry or cherry pie love, this is the best juice you can find. It taste like fresh tart cherries off the tree, but in liquid form. I have given bottle to coworkers and they love it! It a little addictive!
ThomasOriska, ND

Best of a bad situation

Should preface this by saying that I find tart cherry juice fairly revolting in general, but it’s a necessary evil for me as it’s one of the few things that REALLY helps my gout. I bought this juice to both help my flare ups as well as help me MAINTAIN a healthy diet which will prevent future flare ups. That’s the hard part for me because you don’t really think about it until you have a flare up, and by then it’s too late because there is no immediate relief…at best you start to feel better in a day or two. But that is SO much better than a week or two or more.

So, if you suffer from gout, I would highly recommend making tart cherry juice (some people also say black cherry juice works as well but that’s even worse than tart for me so…) a part of your regular health regimen. I intend to drink constantly during a flare up, and then a serving every other day or so to maintain. It’s a lot of trial and error to find a system that works for you and it varies from person to person. So keep at it.

That being said, I’ve tried many juices and while I don’t “like” any of them, Cheribundi is FAR AND AWAY the best I’ve tried, and the fact that it comes in 8 oz bottles makes grabbing and going much easier, which is going to let me remember to drink it more. It’s more convenient to grab the small bottle than pour in a cup, or make your own drink from juice extract (if this isn’t a concern for you, I’d recommend purchasing the 3 32 oz bottles as they’re slightly cheaper for the same amount, I’m paying the extra bit for convenience). This product is going to be a regular purchase for me and I will recommend it to anyone with similar problems.

NubiaCoatesville, IN

A Great Pick me Up

I am always looking for a good “pick me up” as I am trying to cut down on my caffine intake. Cheribundi does just that. I find it most helpful after a workout or my 5 mile run. The taste combines a little sweetness with a tart aftertaste. A little pricy, otherwise a great pure juice drink.
AdriaAdamsville, PA

love this and it worked for me.

Bought this juice at a store. Painful arthritis and joint discomfort. Tried tylenol and my usual arthritis meds for some reason – neither were working that day. Drank a 8 oz bottle and started feeling the results that afternoon. Love this stuff!! Give it a try.
TreenaCarter, SD