Cherry Blossom Loose Leaf Rooibos, 16 ounce

A lively vivacious combination of very cherry, fruit flavors that is naturally caffeine free. Cherry Blossom is a mouthwatering, sweet brew that is perfect hot or iced.

Quick facts

  • A lively combination of rooibos with a sweet burst of cherry
  • 3 ounce makes 40 eight ounce cups
  • Naturally caffeine free loose leaf specialty Rooibos
  • Reseal pouch keeps freshness in, is great for storing, and includes brewing tips
  • BONUS, two tea samples included with every purchase, FREE

Top reviews

Perhaps the best Rooibos in the US

I’ve imported my rooibos since I couldn’t find a decent flavored kind in the US, not even at Teavana, despite their awful prices. This cherry blossom rooibos is almost as good as my imported stuff, I really enjoyed it!
NieshaMc Williams, AL

smells like cherry cough syrup, doesn’t taste like it

When opening the bag, the smell was very strong of cherry cough syrup. Once brewed the smell it much lighter and not unpleasant. The flavor was ok, pleasant roobios flavor, however the cherry blossom part left something to be desired. Overall I am pretty ambivalent about this flavor and probably won’t order it again. I have ordered other flavor teas from this company and enjoyed them very much. The Tea’s Etc 1000 Cranes White Tea, 8-Ounce, for example, is spectacular.
MoiraNahunta, GA