Cherry Chutney

Mannheim Steamroller Cherry Chutney is perfect for spreading over cream cheese on crackers, serving over meats and vegetables or whatever other creative use you want to share with family and friends. The sassy counterpart to Chip’s best-selling Plum Chutney, our Cherry Chutney is the ideal counterpart to any outdoor party or picnic.

Quick facts

  • Sweet and tangy with a spicy twist
  • Perfect for spreading over cream cheese, on crackers or as a topping for meats and vegetables
  • 14.4 oz. glass jar with twist off top
  • Pick up a jar for your next picnic or outdoor party today!

Top reviews

Not happy with the product!

I did not know anything about chutney until I went on a known recipe cite and found out that they mix the fruit with peppers and vinegar! I thought chutney was a different form of Marmalade but I was wrong!
ElvinMadison, NH

fantastic product

absolutely delicious have tried it on everything from meat and fish to scrambled eggs highly recommend it
SolomonLometa, TX