Chicken of the Sea Tuna Chunk White Water Cup, 2 – 2.8-Ounce Cups per Pack,

Chicken Of The Sea’S Canned, Pouched And Frozen Seafood Is An Almost Perfect Food! It’S An Inexpensive And Easy-To-Prepare Source Of Important Nutrients Like Omega-3, Calcium, Protein And More. In Addition, Chicken Of The Sea’S Canned And Pouched Tuna And Salmon, Frozen Shrimp And Other Seafood Are Low In Fat And Calories When Compared With Other Proteins.

Quick facts

  • Chichen Of The Sea Albacore Tuna Is Known For Great Flavor Texture & Appearance Our Albacore Tuna Co

Top reviews

Awesome snack, great product.

I eat these tuna cups (or the salmon cups) almost daily.

If you’re looking for a nutritious snack, these cups really can’t be beat. If you’re a bodybuilder or athlete trying to increase your daily protein intake, these are awesome. If you’re a parent trying to get your kid to eat healthy, getting them to like fish is a great idea. If you’re trying to eat 5-7 meals a day to lose weight, make one of these cups one of your meals, the protein fills you up and makes you feel good. It also requires a bit of chewing to complete the eating experience.

Why eat a nutritionally empty “100 calorie pack” of goldfish crackers or potato chips when you could have something like this that has only 80 calories and infinitely more nutritional benefit??

I’ll eat these alone, straight from the cup, basically anywhere since you don’t need to refridgerate and you don’t need a can opener. I’ll dump them onto salad, or mix with rice, quinoa, or beans.

Here’s the nutrition data off the back (for 1 2.7oz cup) at the time of writing:

Calories 80 (10 from fat)
Total Fat 1g
Cholesterol 35mg
Sodium 15mg
Total Carb 0g
Protein 18g
Omega-3 EPA/DHA 200mg

You really can’t beat this for something so portable that requires no preparation or refridgeration. The package says “in water” but there’s a little bit of broth in the cup, and if you squeeze this out or just leave it at the bottom of the cup, you probably cut the sodium down to 10mg.

I highly recommend these tuna cups and the salmon cups as well. But, avoid the tuna salad, or the flavored varieties if you are looking to get the maximum nutritional benefit. Those salads and flavorings just add salt, sugar, carbs.

RosalbaHillsboro, TX

Handy Size

Although I prefer to get my tuna in the foil packages, what I had ordered appears to no longer be available through Amazon so I tried these and they are handy and pretty goo eating for one. Toss on a salad, or use on bread or toast to add good quality protein.
AlitaBeaverton, MI

My cats love this tuna

Cats are such finicky eaters some times. My old lady kitty does not like the canned cat foods, but she always went nuts whenever I’d open a can of tuna for myself. So I gave her some one time. These Tuna Cups are a great way to keep the tuna fresh enough over a few days, and good for travel.

Same items can be purchased at grocery store, but buying in quantity through Amazon saves some $$. Thank you

AlbinaSan Dimas, CA

Good Nutrition and Right Size.

When I’m working, I always carry my own lunch. It’s so much better than the food court, and I have much better regulation of my nutrient intake. Finding items having high protein without high fat is the most difficult task. Tuna is excellent and these little Chicken of the Sea White Tuna Cups fill the bill. Put one in the lunch with a few fresh fruit and veggie items and perhaps a few dried fruits and nuts. It’s good nutrition, and there’s no worry about weight gain. Also, when I’m camping, I like to take a batch of these tuna cups along. In both cases, the cup size just the right for one serving.

I had a minor problem with the latest tuna cups, and it might be just a batch problem. My latest tuna was very dry. I almost had to choke it down. And it seemed rather tasteless. I’ve had these cups in the past and they seemed much better. I have not been satisfied with the present ones. However, I like the product and the serving size and It will not deter me from future purchases.

Gary Peterson

FrankieJeddo, MI

convenient, filling, 70 calories and lots o protein = great work lunch item

I keep a stack of these tuna cups at work, along with lemon juice and teriyaki sauce for variety. They are low calorie, satisfying, and nutritious. I’m sold on them– now buy in bulk and keep on hand all the time!
KemberlyWilmot, AR