Chicken Soup for the Puppy Lover’s Soul Canned Food, Chicken Formula

We are committed to producing a superior quality, pure, wholesome pet food using only the finest, freshest ingredients available. Now available in a can!

Quick facts

  • We are committed to producing a superior quality, pure, wholesome pet food using only the finest, freshest ingredients available.

Top reviews

dented cans

I have been using this product for over a year. There is nothing wrong with the product, it is a very good product. My problem was that almost every can of the 48 I ordered were dented. I wasn’t buying dented cans at the pet store and I did’t expect to buy dented cans from you. Needless to say, I am very unhappy with what was sent to me. I suppose paying more at the pet store is worth it
GeorgeannaLakeland, LA

Puppy Soup good for MY soul

I went through several brands of wet food: Iaams, Eagle Pack, Canidae, etc. before finally settling on Chicken Soup for the Puppy Lover’s Soul as my girls canned food. They have tolerated it well (unlike the Iaams & Canidae which caused cowpie). My puppies are thriving, getting quality nutrition & ,thankfully, it’s not breaking the bank. It’s easy to find locally & online. That was the only downside to the Eagle Pack which did wonder’s for one of my Dobergirl’s HOD, I had a really hard time finding it locally. On Chicken Soup Puppy their coats are shiny & soft. I am very careful not to feed anything with corn, lamb, or wheat due to thier food allergies. I also like all the added veggies, vitamins & minerals found in this brand. Good stuff all for about the same cost as “grocery store” food….but MUCH higher quality.
LulaGibbs, MO

great taste – dogs love this product

Great taste and all my dogs love this product. I love the easy open can and the fact that they digest it well. Truly recommend Chicken Soup for Puppy Lover’s Soul.
CarolinSpruce Head, ME

One of the best affordable wet puppy foods that I have found

After doing a bit of research I decided that I should either feed my dog this or Merrick puppy food. All the other ones I saw either had ingredients that I didn’t want to give him or cost considerably more. Of the two, I think Merrick might be a better dog food, but this one didn’t have anything in it that I found objectionable and the difference in price will add up over time so I decided to go with Chicken Soup. My dog is still a puppy, but I accidentally ordered the adult formula instead of the puppy formula the first time I ordered it. My dog didn’t seem as interested in his food after I switched him from the adult to the puppy formula. He got over that after a couple days, but I was surprised by that. I was also surprised to find a can in the middle of the package that was severely dented on the side. Since it was in the middle of the case that means that it was already dented when it was packaged and not damaged during shipment. At least the seal wasn’t broken, but if it had been dented any further it very well could have been. Despite that I still think that this is an amazing deal for dog food of this quality.
CorneliusCowpens, SC

Yum Yum Yum in their Tum

My dogs love the Chicken Soup for the Puppy Lover’s Soul dry food so I decided to give it a try with the canned food and no surprise… my dogs love it! Also, it’s a great deal!
MauraOlmstead, KY

My dog loves it!

I have a Weimaraner puppy that I got at 8 months old he was a little underweight and I was having trouble keeping him from losing weight because he can be nervous in new situations. Since he lived in the counrt and moved to the city everything was new. I had him on Puppy Chow because that is what he was on when I got him. I bought a big bag the first week I had him home and wanted to give him a little something extra that was healthier than Puppy Chow. I did not realize how little meat was in the puppy chow at first:( Also he would not eat the puppy chow if I was not home so I started adding a little soft food in with his normal food. Some stuff he would eat, others he would just pick out, and some he would not eat at all. I found this stuff at Pet World and it had everything I wanted in it and it was inexpensive! I had to try it, and my dog loves it he will eat it even if I am not home. I only give him about ¼ can with each meal at first and refrigerate the rest for his next meal. Now he is up to ¼ to ½ a can each meal. This way he still has some hard food and some soft. It has been great he is gaining weight gradually and looks super healthy. His coat is nice and shinny and he is more active. I love this food. You can even see pieces of meat and veggies in the food. It is not in chunks it is ground up so he does not try picking out the soft stuff and leaving out the hard food. Great food highly recommend
CristyPaxton, MA

Good food but my dog doesn’t like it anymore

My 5 months old dog used to love this food. For some reason he doesn’t like it anymore. It has very good ingredients. I wish he would eat it because I know it’s good for him.
TraceySaint Bonaventure, NY

Best dog food ever

Only food we have fed our dog since bringing her home from the breeder’s. Better that costco brand and very affordable
SuzyBalta, ND

Fenway’s Favorite

My now 4 month old baby Doxie, Fenway Franks, absolutley LOVEEESS his chicken soup. I’m still trying it work out the balance of wet and dry cuz my poor baby alternates between diaherra and constipation. (Before anyone gets on my case, vet says its normal for his age) but i have a boy with a very high food drive and he just LOVES this stuff. He cleans the bowl for me. I still have him on his kibble Welness but I bought the dry of this food and will soon switch him over
TerresaLeesburg, GA

Our PUPS LOVE this canned food!!

Another great product from Diamond Brand dog foods. Our pups absolutely love this food. We add it to their dry Chicken Soup for the Puppy Lover’s Soul and they never leave any behind. Thanks Diamond for great pet food products!
JesusaWalton, NY

Great Food at a great price.

CSFTDLS is a great food for your dogs at a great price and my very athletic Siberian Huskies love it. I use 1/4 a can X2 for my two dogs mixed with their dry CSFTDLS and it has made feeding a breeze, wholesome, and nutritional also.
EdmundoDays Creek, OR