Chicken Soup for the Puppy Lover’s Soul Dry Dog Food for Puppy, Large Breed Chicken Flavor, 35 Pound Bag

Feed your pet the best natural foods available. Chicken Soup for the Puppy Lover’s Soul Large Breed Puppy Formula contain four fresh meats, a blend of multiple whole grains, and fruits and vegetables for a balanced, natural meal, every time you fill the bowl.

Quick facts

  • Animal feeding tests using Association of American Feed Control Officials procedures substantiated
  • Chicken Soup for the Cat Lover’s Soul Senior Hairball Cat Formula provides complete and balanced nutrition for the maintenance of adult cats.
  • Calculated Metabolizable Energy3,413 kcal/kg
  • If you’re looking for an all natural dog or cat food, Chicken Soup for the Pet Lover’s Soul is for you.
  • Made with natural ingredients, this healthy formula will make your pets look and feel great!

Top reviews

sometimes too fresh..

this food is great my dog has been on it his whole entire life since his breeder put him on it. but the only downfall is, getting a moldy bag. chicken soup uses everything fresh and if its not cooked all the way and packaged a little big undercooked taa-da moldy bag of food. well i was out of the area and my pup ran out of food. so i called chicken soup, they advised me that the closest dealer was 30 miles away…ok drove there got the bag went home, opened it up, all moldy and smelly. had to drive back get another bag. of course i opened it up before i went home and it was fine. the company is great very willing to make you happy. i called the company let them know i got a bad bag of food. they sent me a 40 dollar check for another free bag. so later that night about five minutes away from my house i went to a pet shop ive never been to. well they had the food. ugh i was so mad called the company again, told them your selling food here and its not listed blah blah told them my story. but even if the date is fine you may want to open the bag at the store to see if the food is fresh.
EmmaOakdale, CT

Made my puppy sick

I bought this puppy food based on the other reviews. Unfortunately, this food not only made my puppy have bad gas but he also had loose bowel movements that he wasn’t able to control.

I hardly ever write reviews but I do rely on other reviews before I make a purchase. I would not recommend this food! I gave this item 1 star because I couldn’t give it zero. Buyer beware and good luck cleaning up after your puppy.

AyakoKingsland, TX

Great product

Changed to this product based on some reviews I read on line, had an issue with a puppy who was eating rocks and hoped that changing her food might help correct the problem. Cannot say that the food was the thing that did correct the problem but once she started on this food, the eating of rocks has dropped to only the occasional instance rather than a regular event.
ShantaGreenview, CA

dog loves it, improved stool and reduced amount of food

I have an almost 11 month – lab weim mix – who is close to 100 lbs. When I got him he was on some high protein food from the feed store. I switched to purina puppy for large breed and he had loose stools. I then moved to wellness, pricey! and still loose stools…and ate a ton with ribs still showing. vet said it was fine but I felt like he was semi-starving. searched around on the net and saw this, saw it was wayyyy cheaper then wellness (and their bag is 5lb less) but got the same or better marks on the dog food rating website for being all natural. got it, dog loves it and his stools are much firmer. he still eats a ton (he is a large, active, growing puppy) but he has filled out – no more ribs showing than the bottom two slightly which is better than all of them. I will definitely keep buying this. I can’t find it locally so just get it from amazon but with free shipping, its almost easier having it delivered to my door.
LaurenWendel, CA

So happy to find this!

I was so happy to find this food on Amazon AND with FREE SHIPPING! We recently moved to Alaska and have had SUCH a hard time finding this dog food. My in-laws breed Golden Retrievers, and we brought one of their puppies with us to Alaska. He has grown up on this food, and it is a great quality. He is developing a beautiful coat and strong muscles. My in-laws that breed Golden’s use this brand for all their dogs, puppy and adult!
LavernaDulles, VA

Great Food at a Great Price!!

I began my search for the perfect puppy food after finding out that Iams, Eukanuba, Science Diet and other so-called “Premium” pet foods are basically the same junk as Kibbles ‘n Bits, but with a premium price. My research led me to the Wellness brand, which is a great food but a bit on the pricey side. I stumbled across Chicken Soup and decided to compare the two, since the price was much more reasonable, but I honestly didn’t expect it to come close to Wellness. “Chicken Soup” really blew me away! The ingredients are just as good, if not better, and my pups LOVE it. My only complaint is that the bag tears very easily, but if cheaper packaging keeps the price down I will live with it HAPPILY. I highly recommend this food, and I will be staying with this brand when my pups are old enough to transition to adult formula.
JamaDanbury, NH

Chicken Soup for Large Breed Puppies

I am not in the habit of reviewing items I purchase on the internet.
This is actually the first time that I have due to how good this product is.
Started feeding this food to a 12 week old Labrador puppy.
He had no trouble transitioning to the new food, after only a week of mixing.
Seems to enjoy it more than puppy chow, which was what he was started on.
No flatulance, but he is still a young puppy.
My vet actually asked what I was feeding him due to his coat being so shiny.
I would recommend this food to anyone looking for a quality food for their dog
NormaHallwood, VA

Best Food for the Price

Best food I’ve found for the price. I buy the Large Breed Puppy and Large Breed Adult for my 2 cane corsos. I was feeding them Bil Jac large breed puppy, but realized that it wasn’t that great of quality. Then switched to Canidae All Life Stages – good quality food, but made their poops horribly runny. Chicken Soup makes their poops consistently solid and they seem to like it just as well as anything else I’ve bought. A+
JenellTabor City, NC

our dog loves this food and the ingredients list is very good

before we got our boxer, i remember telling my wife there’s no way i’d spend $30+ on dog food. my previous dogs got pedigree from the grocery store and i always thought it was fine.

this was our first puppy together so i found myself doing more research on all kinds of things. i ended up on a very informative website ([…]) and was educated very quickly on what a good food is and what a bad food is. i also learned what to look for by comparing ingredients.

we have used some form of “chicken soup for the soul” ever since we came home and even moved our cats from another horrible cat food(purina cat chow) to the same version of cat food. we have noticed a huge decrease in the hairballs from our cats since doing that.

check out the website above. this food is a good mix between quality and price.

JosefMiddletown, OH

Excellent Puppy Food

Before I commit to purchasing an item, I do research on the product. Choosing a food brand for my lovable German Shepherd puppy was no exception. It was while I was scouring the internet for reviews on selective dry (kibble) large breed dog food for puppies, I came across several respectable websites that ranked Chicken Soup for the Puppy Lover’s Soul at the top of its category. Compared to other brands that rank highly in puppy kibble, like Orijen, Innova and Wellness, Chicken Soup offers quality food at an affordable price. As the kibble is high in meat content and contains quality grains, and my puppy loves it, Chicken Soup for the Puppy Lover’s Soul is a brand I recommend.

In the instance your puppy dislikes this food or has an allergic reaction to some of the ingredients, be sure to consider the following when deciding on another dog food:
1. Always gradually transition to the new food. Over a period of days, balance the quantity of old to new food (75% old/25% new; 50% old/50% new; 25% old/ 75% new). If you do not do this, your puppy will have loose stools and possibly feel sick.
2. The main ingredients. There needs to be plenty of meat products, and if there are grains, check to see if they are high quality whole grains. Usually, a good indicator of the quality of a product is the first few ingredients listed. If these are meat, like the chicken, turkey and chicken meal of this product, then this should be a food to consider.
3. Try it out for a few weeks. If your puppy does not like it, feels sick, has loose stools or a dull coat, the dog food is not good for your puppy. It doesn’t matter if the food is the best food; it is not good for your puppy and you should not continue to feed it.

BrindaSlater, CO

Great food, terrible gas

I chose this food because it is great nutritionally and comes at a reasonable price. My only gripe is that it gives my dog horrible gas. Many friends whose puppies eat this food also report their dog has horrible smelling farts. Seriously, it will clear the room. But I will continue to feed this food regardless because of the high nutritional value and low price.
JoannieMarvin, SD

Mirror like coat…

I sear you can almost see your reflection in our black lab. Our vet too asked us what we were feeding her. People constantly comment on the shine of her coat. We chose this brand for price. It was about the least expensive readily available brand of dog food that has 4 stars on
LyndaWestboro, MO

REDICULOUSLY fast shipping!

I know Chicken Soup is a great brand- our adult Great Dane loves it, so I ordered a bag for the Dane Puppy we are getting for Christmas. No ability to review the actual product yet, as we don’t have the puppy yet, but I’m sure it will be just as excellent as the Large Breed Adult formula.

The REAL amazing thing about this product was the shipping. I’m pretty sure that, even with Super Saver shipping, this product made it to my door within 36 hours of me clicking the “Submit Order” button! That’s nuts! Thanks Amazon! I’ll never be driving 30 mintues to get this great food again- I’ll just get it online (same price as I’d pay in the store after taxes are added) and save gas!

UPDATE (03JAN12): We are mid-way through transitioning the pup from the crap food the breeders were feeding him to Chicken Soup (about 2/3 cup of each per feeding)… he seems to love the taste, the kibble is just the right size for a great dane pup, and best of all… his trips to go poo are already decreasing in frequency and it is getting easier to celan up (more solid). Can’t wait to see how much better it is when we are at 100% Chicken soup in another week or so!

MargeretClarkedale, AR

My Opinion

I was a Veterinary Technician for 12 years and my Vets have recommended this food to me for my own dogs. The Vets I worked for don’t sell dog food like a lot of Vets do and this is the food they fed their own personal dogs. My dog has been on it his entire life (10 years old), he was on the puppy formula as a pup, then adult formula from 1-8 years old, and now he’s on the senior formula which adds Glucosamine/Chondroiton in the food. He truly is the picture of health. He’s a Yellow Labrador and he’s in remarkably great physical condition, he even jogs 5 miles a day with me every single day. I have never had any problems with this food and my dog loves it. I love their ingredients (Chicken, Turkey, Duck, Salmon, etc.) most of which is their first ingredients and their quality is second to none, can’t beat it for the price.
LoretteHoosick Falls, NY

Our giant breed Mastiff pup really liked this dog food!

Our Mastiff pup really liked this food, and it came with good reviews on the dog food anaylsis websites too. He did have some trouble with the change over, even doing it slowly but now ALL the itching is gone from his previous food and the stools are firm and smaller (for a Mastiff anyhow). We now feed this product as well as Taste of the Wild to change up his diet every few months. Both are Diamond Brand foods, and EXCELLENT quality. We’ve been feeding all of our pets Diamond for years. Thanks for a great pet food product!
SeanTruesdale, IA

So good!

I started my little Vizsla on this food a couple months ago and have observed some fantastic results. I originally had her on Blue Buffalo. She did not care for the food at all which resulted in me adding wet food and other temptations to coax her to eat. Since switching to this brand, I’ve have not had to tempt her to eat one time. She loves this dog food! Her coat is super shiny and there is a noteable difference in her stools. You can’t beat the quality / price of this brand. I think the name is incredibly embarrasing, but I’m quick to recommend this brand to anyone that asks. 🙂
AlyssaGlade Hill, VA

Great Food and Great Price

I have 2 labs and had them on blue buffalo for a long time. I saw this deal in Amazon for this food and decided to give it a try. Needless to say my 2 dogs eat this food faster than they ever ate the blue buffalo. Plus this is a 35lb bag compared to the 30 you get for Blue and its still about 8 bucks more.

Highly recommend this holistic food as a good replacement for Blue. Also, their stools are very consistent now they are on this food.

RayBuchanan, NY

My French Mastiff <3 this food

My French Mastiff is 10 months old. She has been on this food since she could eat. She loves this food and will not eat another food. This food is the BEST. Her poop doesn’t smell that bad. She goes twice a day. She eat 5 cups a day and her weight is perfect. I would recommend this food for every one to try. The price is the BEST you will not find it cheaper. For what you pay and the quality of the food I give it a 5. Try it for 6 months I know you will love it.
VernonFitchburg, MA

Perfect for my Dog

I have an 8 month old yellow lab and this food is great for her. Perfectly healthy and she enjoys eating it (well she’s a lab so she enjoys eating, period.) I highly recommend it! You can’t beat the value either.
DavinaMc Coy, TX

We love it!

We love this puppy food and I love that I found it on Amazon with free shipping. Like another reviewer, I live in Alaska and can’t find this food locally. I buy Chicken Soup for my cats (both dry & wet) from Amazon as well.

We have a Lab pup and he’s been eating this food for about 3 months now. He does great on it and I feel good feeding him a food without extra fillers & additives. Because of the high quality of the food he doesn’t need to eat as much so one bag lasts us a pretty long time. He’s got a beautiful shiny coat and is developing a lovely lean physique. I would highly recommend this brand to anyone who owns dogs or cats.

VictorYorkville, TN

My puppy loves this food!

I researched dog foods over and over, looking for something highly rated but not outrageously expensive (like the five star foods can be). This food got 4 out of 5 stars from some experts and upon reading reviews of the ingredients, I felt comfortable giving it to my growing, large-breed puppy. No supermarket brands for her! We switched from Nutro Ultra (which she liked) because of some questionable ingredients. This food had a higher rating and was slightly cheaper. I also like buying it on Amazon and getting free shipping. No more driving 30 mins across town to the local pet superstore…I can get my puppy’s food delivered to my front door. Cheers!
DaniellLa Grange, MO

Great dog food!

I bought this after doing some research on better quality dog food. Blue was recommended to me, but it was a little pricier than what I wanted to spend. This dog food provides my boxer/pit mix puppy with even more energy, a great shiny coat, and no more toxic farts or doggie breath from the underworld (I also put a little chlorophyll in her water so that also might be helping). All in all, I am happy with this dog food & placing another order. I wanted to go thru a whole bag before I reviewed it. Also the bag lasted for about 2.5 months with about 2 servings a day
TwilaGreat Mills, MD

Great Food

For the price this is the best food for your dog in my opinion. Both of mine love it!
LilliamOlympia, WA

Love It

I switched from Blue Buffalo to Chicken soup for the puppy lovers soul. I have a lab and he will eat anything. But I wanted to give him something healthy so I started him off with Blue Buffalo. He loved it but it is kind of expensive at almost $50 for a 30 pound bag. I was looking for something a little more economical. So I switched him to this. So far so good!
ClintonCedar Grove, IN

My puppy loves it!

I started my 6 month-old puppy on it and she instantly loved it. I’m happy with it because it’s not full of undesirable fillers. I research the dog food I put my dogs on and am pleased enough with this brand to put all my dogs on it.Thank you, Amazon, for handling it!
BrendanBayonne, NJ