Chiclets Gum

Chiclets is another old-time classic gum brand that has been available for generations and can still be enjoyed today in its original form and flavor. Delightful candy-coated gum in two flavors. Two pieces of spearmint or peppermint flavor gum per pack.

Quick facts

  • The original candy coated gum
  • Green boxes are spearmint
  • Yellow boxes are peppermint

Top reviews

The Best Gum

We buy this gum by the boxES! The flavor lasts a long time, and you can chew it all day if you want!
CarsonLexington, KY

Yummy chewy little satisfying Chiclets

Always a winner, been around for decades of enjoyment! Two flavors included in box.
LakeishaAnson, TX

perfect for purse or car

With 2 Chiclets per very small box, this is perfect for the purse, pocket or car. Product stays fresher this way and less spillage/loss. Would make a nice Halloween alternative to candy.
FloraSanta Barbara, CA