Chimes Mango Ginger Chews, 5-Pound Box

Tender, pure Ginger, stone pureed with mango juice to make a chewy and fruity treat! Chimes Ginger Chews – it’s music in your mouth! All natural and gluten free!

Quick facts

  • Pure select ginger from Java
  • All natural gluten free vegan
  • Good for nausea and morning sickness
  • Made in Indonesia

Top reviews

Best price for Chimes

After trying Chimes in the smaller store bought bags, I found a new treat I love.

The Mango pairs nicely with the Ginger in these chewy little candies. The sweetness smooths the spicy side of the ginger leaving me with a happy mouth. (And nice breath as an added bonus). I usually enjoy one or two a day as I tend to suck on them not chew them, thus they last quite a while. The 5 pound box drops the price in half, making the price for 5 oz about $1.80. (Fortunately for easier storage, the chews come in one larger bag not individual 5 oz bags.)

I have found if I have one when I get ‘hungry’ after dinner, it fills the dessert void and helps keep me out of the fridge and pantry. I just tuck in the side of my mouth and the flavor keeps my mind and mouth busy enough to keep my no eating after 8pm rule in check. At 4 carbs, Zero fat and 16 calories, I can keep myself on track.

ClairBarlow, KY


These are really exciting. I got the ginger chews at the local market, and love them, but when I saw the mango-ginger combo, I knew I had to try them. There’s quite a bit of heat in these, and the taste lingers long after the candy is gone. For the guy who wrote he only eats one or two a day–HOW? These are delicious. The 5 lb box will be gone in no time.
Thank you Amazon for carrying them. Thank you Chimes people for a great candy.
LouannCastell, TX

Delicious Ginger Chews!

I was thrilled to find these delicious and healthy candies on line in bulk. We love them and they are very expensive to buy individually packaged. Buying them in bulk brought the cost down dramatically. Everything was as advertised and arrived very quickly. Great deal.
EliaGaleton, CO

Best Solution for Stomach Ailments

After having unexplained sharp, burning pain in my stomach and doctors prescribing medication for me that did not offer any relief, I decided to buy some of these ginger chews. I found them in a local store and then couldn’t find them again until I searched Amazon! Happily, I was able to order this large quantity which lasts me about 2 months (I eat about 10 chews throughout the day). If you are unsure about ginger and its benefits, you may wish to some research but I have been very happy with the quality (and quantity) of this product and its positive impact in my life!
CharlottThomaston, CT

Terima kasih banyak, Chimes!

An absolutely indispensable staple item for any ship’s stores. Though not personally prone to mal-de-mer or the technicolour yawn, these Mango Ginger Chews will henceforth be available to crew and guest alike on my sailboat. I’d almost go so far as to suggest a stocking formula … 1 ounce per foot (LOD).
UrsulaAlderson, WV

Fabulous candy!

These ginger chews are a very “satisfying” candy and really wake up your mouth. i had purchased small packets of both the orange ginger and mango ginger chews at a local store, and when I discovered how fabulous they are, I searched for a source and bought the 5-pound box from amazon at a far cheaper price than buying the small packets. Both flavors are great but we preferred the mango a bit more so purchased that one. We are not “tired” of them, even having purchased the 5-pound quantity. Only negative is that the wrappers can be a bit difficult to open–you have to find just the right spot to pull them open. So if you have arthritic fingers (I’m just thinking of my mom) these candies could be a problem to open.
GregoriaCleveland, TX

Yummy, with a little kick!

I’ve tried the Orange and the Mango – prefer the Mango. Not many people around here have ever tried these before, so they make a nice conversation item. I give samples away all the time, to waiters (oh, I mean “servers”), co-workers, etc. Besides the risk of pulling out a filling (cavity filling), these might be too spicy for some folks … but that’s what makes ’em so good!!!!
TeresitaDeloit, IA

“Deliciously Addictive”

Besides the fact that they taste amazing…hot and sweet, they are good for motion sickness. They stick to your teeth in a way that the flavor can be savored for awhile. Yummy! Probably the best “candy” I’ve ever had!
AnishaHattiesburg, MS

My “go to” ginger candy

Yum yum. The sweetness of the mango is such a nice addition to the stinging heat of the ginger. Easy to carry a few in my pocket and share with friends and folks.
The 5 lb box is a value buy.
SandyGlen Elder, KS

The Best

According to ginger loving friends, this flavor is the best. It seems to please everyone. The mango gives it a great flavor and it seems a bit smoother than some of the others. The warmth of the ginger and the fruity mango make a unique and irresistible combination.
Addictive! As with other ginger chews, great for sea sickness, etc. Buy the tins and use this 5 pound bag to refill.
AbbieCosta, WV

Wonderful Ginger Candies

I had a friend find these Chimes Ginger Chews at a local discount store. When I went to buy them, they were gone and not going to be replaced. So off to Amazon another friend and I went and found them with no problem. These candies are wonderful for the nausea us cancer patients experience. I have recommended them to others and they too have ordered them. I hope this product stays around for a long time. Great price for a huge amount of candy.
LeighMatfield Green, KS

Delicious and useful in so many situations

These candies are the bomb!!
-freshening up that breath anytime!
-poppin one or 2 to stay awake in class!
-making new friends by offering strangers a cool new candy they’re probably never tried! *don’t seem creepy though.
-calming your stomach when you feel queasy after losing your self control at a Chinese buffet

I love these, I could easily eat like 8 in one sitting.

CoraRinggold, GA

diamond in the rough

must say i was pretty much addicted to the Gin Gin ginger candy, well what can you say it is that damn good. I saw this as a recommendation while buying Gin Gins from Amazon and I am truly surprised at how delicious this is. My parents who were visiting decided that they would take a bulk of the candy with them to share with the family in the sub continent, my friends at work were impressed, and now I cannot have enough of this.I keep some on me wherever i go It is indeed genius to combine the best of the ginger and mango chew, getting the best of both worlds, highly recommended to all those who love Gin Gins
MariellaLima, OH


We love these mango ginger chews. We’ve tried the orange and original flavors too and love them all. Spicy and sweet.
AugustLa Jose, PA

My Favorite Candy

These mango ginger chews are my favorite candy! They are chewy and sweet, but a tad hot because of the ginger. I highly recommend them!
MalikaCuero, TX

BEST Ginger Candy ever

I love this stuff. We started off eating the regular flavor, which is also awesome. It’s great for when you’re under the weather, when you want something light and sweet, when you’re feeling a light sea-sickness, for hangovers, and even for those times when you’ve eaten too much and have some light indigestion. The local stores sells 5 ounces for $5, which makes this 5 lb box a GREAT deal. We have it on the “subscribe and save” for auto delivery, which makes this an even better deal.
JoettaHartsfield, GA

very good, not as good as straight ginger

I love Chimes’ ginger chews, and I love mangos (the fruit), so I thought I would love these. For me, the mango flavor detracted from the ginger a bit, rather than deepening it. I like these, and I like the ginger even better!
EugenieRush, KY

They are addicitve

I got these to use as wedding favors but I can’t stop eating them! Please help, they are too good!
MiloWest Newton, PA

Mango-ginger chews work

My mango ginger chews are fresh-tasting and very slightly sweet with a zing from the ginger ingredient. They remind me of chewing gum or taffy, but are “stiffer” than either. Chewing and swallowing 5-6 of them helps relieve nausea, but they do take a few minutes to work. The effect is not strong so you may need to chew more, after you have given the first chews a chance to work, if you are still nauseated.
ErikaIsabel, KS

great value.

Love these little chews. Great for morning sickness or just a sweet treat. The 5 lb box is a great value and will last a long time. I ordered them one afternoon from Amazon (with 2 day shipping) and it was on my doorstep the next morning, amazing Amazon!
InellKeavy, KY

My favorite flavor of these chews!

These were the flavor that introduced me to ginger chews and my favorite with the orange a close 2nd, peanut and apple (cinnamon really) tied for third and the origional ginger close behind. The coffee was a disappointment, don’t bother.
TaCamp Wood, TX