China Mist Blackberry Jasmine Iced Green Tea

Delicate Jasmine flavor mixes with the flavor of ripened blackberries to create this iced green tea. This truly captivating blend promotes vitality and inner calm.

Quick facts

  • Sweet Blackberries
  • Fragrant Jasmine
  • Refreshing Green Tea leaves made for iced tea
  • Makes 4 Half Gallons of tea
  • Healthful & delicious

Top reviews

Amazing iced tea!

This is the best iced tea around! The first time I had it was at Emeril’s Tchoup Chop in Orlando. It tastes great, but I think the aroma while it brews is the best part.
DeshawnGalena, MD


Just had this for the first time at PF Chang’s in Sacramento yesterday. I was utterly amazed at how good it is and I am a tough critic, having been a long-time Earl Grey lover. It’s great with food because the taste is light and refreshing; it’s also delicious, by the way. It’s perfect for summertime, perfect frosty cold with lots of ice. And it’s real tea, not a powder. It smells so good I almost want to wear it! Can you tell? I LOVE this tea!
SylviaRanchita, CA


I had blackberry jasmine iced tea in a restaurant recently, and loved it. I searched for it online and found it here, reasonably priced, promptly delivered, and just as delicious as I tasted in the restaurant. So glad I found a place to buy it so I can enjoy it anytime. Best iced tea ever!
QuyenLonsdale, MN

Exactly PF Changs tea!

We eat at PF Changs fairly often and love the jasmine blackberry tea they serve. Looked all over for something like it, found China Mist and are delighted that it is the exact, same tea!
CaseyWoodstock, GA

Wonderful tea!!

We drink a lot of tea in our house. It is the drink of choice for lunch and dinner with both myself and my husband and our oldest son. This blackberry jasmine tea is wonderful. It tastes very much like the Jasmine blackberry tea we get at PF Chang’s restaurant. I don’t know if it is the same but it tastes very simliar. I add just a touch of sugar which seems to bring out the flavors so much. If you are a tea drinker who appreciates flavors other than the typical, this is a wonderful product. Also, the service was fast and accurate. We will definitely be purchasing this again when we run out.
SpencerUkiah, OR

Delightful! 🙂

China Mist just makes REALLY good teas anyways, my first introduction to the brand was the Passion Fruit flavor, which is to die for, but this Blackberry Jasmine is really awesome too! Sooo refreshing even from the fridge a couple days later. The blackberry flavor and smell is amazing but not overpowering the green tea. Only wish the Jasmine flavor would come through a little more clearly, but all in all, very well done!
LovieBristol, VT

SOOO gooood!!

I gave up diet coke last year. I drink water but it gets old after a while. I don’t like sweet tea, but I do like to have a little flavor. This is has such a wonderful, light flavor. Even my kids like this tea! I’ve been stocking up so that I have plenty at all times!
WiltonCody, NE

Favorite tea!

A friend of mine got me started drinking unsweetened green tea at Starbucks, and I fell in love with it. It was delicious. Because I enjoyed it so much, I ordered green tea when some coworkers took me to lunch at Kona in Baltimore Inner Harbor. It was SO good, it blew the Starbucks stuff out of the water. We eat at Kona a lot, and I always drink so much of the tea that I feel like I’m sloshing when I leave. It’s so rare that I find a drink that I enjoy sipping … not just guzzling it down because I’m thirsty.

Today, I finally asked the server which brand they serve, though I didn’t have hopes of finding it in consumer size containers (I assumed they’d be buying from direct-to-restaurant suppliers). I am SO thrilled to find that it’s accessible. And cheaply at that! I’m about to order several of these to keep myself pleasantly stocked in the house. this stuff is delightful.

ShandraGray Mountain, AZ