Chinese Black Rice, 1 lb.

Chinese Black Rice is a short grain Rice with a high gluten content making it perfect for both sweet and savory dishes. It is also known as Chinese Forbidden Black Rice. Chinese Black Rice is deep black in color prior to cooking and imparts a beautiful deep dark purple color after cooking. This Rice has a sweet flavor and a wonderful sticky texture. Traditionally served in Taiwan and mainland China as a dessert ingredient, in the West Black Rice is most often found served with main courses. Suggested Use: When cooked, Black Chinese Rice has a beautiful shiny, Indigo color. Use Black Rice alone or mix with White Rice for color and texture in stuffing’s, desserts, rice molds pudding and Rice Balls

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To much work.

I have to admit upfront I am lazy and not a good cook. I bought this rice in attempt to get a easy solution for anti oxidants but I could not really dehusks these with out it becoming a pain. I understand most of you probably have no problem. If your cooking challenged like my self these were just not worth it.
YerAuburn, NE

Chinese Black Rice

Chinese Black Rice is interesting. It reminds me of wild rice. Doesn’t have much flavor, but the level of starch is remarkably reduced. It doesn’t have much volume, so you get just about what you put into the pot in terms of volume. It was interesting because I’d never had it before. I won’t order it again.
LeatriceBloomington, CA

Fast delivery

I haven’t made the black chinese rice yet. I had a recipe calling for it but misplaced it. But they did arrive fast and they look good. I am going to try cooking just like regular rice and see how that goes. I will try to remember to come back and let you know. I only gave it three stars because I haven’t cooked them yet.
ChiquitaRidgway, PA

Black Rice — Great

The black rice is well priced for a very fine product. You have to boil it for a long time (around 30 minutes) in order to break the outer skin. The effort returns a very tasty rice which makes eating the usual white rice seem to be a waste of time. The only small fault is that it is just slightly soggy, but only slightly and this comment should NOT put you off from buying what is GREAT high value-to-price ratio product.
AndrewGuernsey, IA

black flood

good stuff takes a while to cook and will unleash a black /purple flood on everything you mix with it kinda spennndy for a lil bag o rice though
RhonaLawrence, PA

Black rice

This is a hard to find product. I was quite pleased with cost and shipping from Barry Farms. I have recommended this site to many friends.
JennifferRiverdale, IL


This is a very good rice and I will be ordering more. Good flavor and it is always a surprise at a dinner party.
HungRevillo, SD

Delicious, unusual and healthy

Never had black rice before. Heard about the health benefits (higher anthocyanin antioxidants than found in blueberries) and decided to try it. Nutty taste, delicious and easy to make. Turns the water purple when cooked. Shipment arrived in great condition. Initially ordered two/one pound bags and liked it so much I ordered 10 one pound bags which arrived yesterday.
TelmaLuray, MO

Chinese Black rice

I had read about black rice and couldn’t find it. Looked it up on Amazon and there it was! It has a delicious nutty flavor and I love it. Keep some in the fridge to snack on. It’s not black, by the way, it’s purple!
LavoniaWernersville, PA

Most excellent

I love the texture of the Black rice. I have only found a recipe using this rice in a salad and in pudding, with coconut milk brn sugar and white sugar. I then decided to mix the pudding in pancake mix, WOW you don’t need syurp. The pancakes look like they have blueberries in them as the “black” rice is actually a midnight blue. “deep purple?”
I have not tried the salad, maybe this week as it is very hot now and I don’t want to heat up the kitchen cooking rack of buffalo. (:>)Chinese Black Rice, 1 lb.
JunitaKnifley, KY

Chinese Black Rice D&JAsian Market

This rice was better than I anticipated. I have never had rice that tasted this good. I did not add salt as recomended by a lot of rice recipes for this rice and it was still great. I highly recomend it.
D&J Asian Market is an excellent seller that ships products very quickly.
ElsieScott, OH