Chock Full O`Nuts Coffee, 39 oz.

The heavenly coffee. New York’s coffee since 1932. We have only one grind. It makes the perfect coffee. Original blend is our signature coffee known by generations of New Yorkers as the heavenly coffee. A medium roast with a smooth, full-bodied taste, just one sip of our distinctive Original blend brings you the flavor of New York, wherever you call home. Automatic/Percolator/Drip. 100% Coffee.

Quick facts

  • Medium roast signature blend.
  • Smooth, full-bodied taste.

Top reviews

What a joke.

This is absolutely the worst case of false advertising since Ford said the Pinto was safe and since Chips-A-Hoy said there was 1000 chips in every bag. This coffee in NO WAY is “chock full” of nuts. I was hoping to find some kind of nut, but no. No peantus, no cashews, no almonds, no pistachios, no chestnuts, no nothing. Rather, it’s plain, regular coffee. And bad coffee at that. Do yourself a favor, and don’t get this coffee, with your hopes up, as I did. It will only lead to disappointment.
KennaMeredithville, VA

Some People Can Make the Best Coffee with “Chock Full O’Nuts”

Some people can make the Best coffee with the ‘Chock Full O’Nuts’ brand. I’m not one of them, but my mom sure is. Not sure how she does it except that she measures one cup of water for one scoop of coffee (or something like that– geez is it any surprise that hers is better than mine?)

Mom’s coffee comes out with a deep, dark flavor that is absolutely yummy after dinner. It manages to revive the adults even after a huge Thanksgiving meal.

Three Stars. My advice would be to try this affordable coffee if you have the magic coffee touch. But if you are a mere mortal like myself, stick to more idiot proof brands. Or only buy one experimental can.

And yes, alas… no nuts in Chock Full O’.

LucilleDillsboro, IN



It is supposed to be “better coffee than a millionaire’s money can buy” according to the jingle I heard countless times on radio and TV in the 1960s. Well, let’s not get carried away.

This coffee is reputed to have been used daily in Manhattan for decades, since 1932, at the “Chock Full O’Nuts” coffee shops that peppered Midtown for nearly half a century until 30 years ago. We can, of course, still purchase it at our local grocery. It does have a strong but somewhat mellow taste for mainstream pre-ground coffee. If I can’t find Yuban locally, I will settle for the ‘Columbian Chock Full O’Nuts’ before this one.

This is a good product [better than most] and a good value, but Yuban seems more full bodied and much more mellow than this or even their ‘Columbian’ offering.


VerdieMilan, IN

Best coffee I’ve found

When visiting on the East Coast I had the chance to try this wonderful coffee. Since then, I have searched all over to try and buy it over the counter. I’d like to suggest selling it in the midwest somewhere. The coffee I love, but the shipping fees to buy it over the internet I do not. Still, I recomend it to all that drink coffee…three heaping scoops to twelve cups of water.
ClemenciaShiner, TX

Amazing everyday cuppa joe

I’m sorry to say I passed up this New York-style ground coffee in the grocery aisle time and again, mistaking it for all those other cans that wreak havoc on your stomach. But when the price of Folger’s started skyrocketing, my boyfriend caved and tried out a can of Chock Full O’ Nuts.

Who knew it’d become an addiction? Since he and I both prefer our brew on the strong side, it works pretty well using three level scoops plus one somewhat-heaping scoop to four carafe cups of water. The ratio seems to work well in both our brands of automatic coffee makers, whether we use a paper or gold cone filter. You might want to try it daily for about a week, tweaking the ratio, before making up your mind.

It’s a good deal if you can find it on sale, although it’s still more than brands like Maxwell House.

I’m not a coffee snob, but in my book, this beats Starbucks, Caribou Coffee, Folger’s, Dunkin’ Donuts, even Tim Horton’s–at least for an everyday coffee. We both buy the classic, which seems to have a rich, deep sort of taste that’s so good to wake up to.

Here in Michigan we’ve been able to buy it in the Meijer grocery chain and occasionally at Rite Aid pharmacy. Unfortunately it’s getting harder to find–my guess is that people confuse the retro-looking can (which I personally like) with other cheapie coffees. It may not be gourmet but this brand o’ caffeine has become my habit o’ choice.

RobertoAdmire, KS

OK now I know I’m not crazy!

Reading all the excellent reviews this inexpensive coffee gets is making me feel much better. I was always thinking: “it must just be me” that I love this coffee so much. Now I know better!!!

We like strong coffee in our house and we use a Cuisinart coffee maker. I only need to use 1 level and 1 scant scoop for 9 cups – but I do put the maker on the 4-cup setting so it steeps a little longer in the basket.

SavannahPelican, LA

Exquisite Flavor @ a Value Price compared to other all-purpose coffees

Oh – I have been using this coffee for 16 years now, and I always use four (4) heaping scoops. Yes, I have a cheap Mister Coffee coffee-maker – but it works. I’m not about pretense, but value and tatste. The best thing about Chock Full o’ Nuts is that you get a strong flavor WITHOUT bitterness (something the Folger’s and Maxwell’s will never achieve). I stumbled upon this value priced coffee at a private dining club I worked for when I was just a pup. The flavor is exquisite and the price is modest. I’m lucky to be able to purchase this at a local discount store in town for around $6 a can.
SusanneBroaddus, TX

just plain good

I first tried this coffee from a 39oz. can I got at a canned food warehouse. They don`t sell it on the west coast so I just had to hope it would show up again. It did once but that was it. Since then I have found out I can get it thru amazon. The price is not bad, but the shipping, and time it takes to get here is. It is absolutely the best. Forget starbucks or anything else.
VernonFlinthill, MO

My favorite coffee for my french press

Ok, so I never buy this coffee on Amazon–I think it is actually cheaper at the grocery store, which is the only reason I took off one star. The only reasons I started buying it were (a) it was cheap and (b) it came in a can, and I like to re-purpose coffee cans. Since then, I have not been able to find a coffee I like more (at least when it comes to home-made coffee). I’ve tried Starbucks and Dunkin’and didn’t care for either–I make both hot and iced coffee in a french press, so that might have something to do with it.
WaylonHamel, IL


I have tried every type of coffee I could find and none was a good as Cock full of Nuts. I which it was available locally. I have to pay as much for the shipping as I do for the coffee.
ClotildeGoshen, AL