Chocolate Ice Cream Gallon

Rich and creamy, mellow and smooth, this slow-churned milk chocolate ice cream is the chocolate purist’s choice. Nothing gets in the way of this All-American favorite. It might just win some points with the vanilla ice cream lovers too! Packed in a family-size 1-gallon container.

Quick facts

  • Also available in 1/2 gallon carton size.
  • Mild and pleasing chocolate flavor
  • Signature creamy texture

Top reviews

Add sugar to taste

Oh, I’ve never owned a full tub of chocolate ice cream before. It’s not all that bad, and the ingredients are only mildly offensive, but they seem a little skimpy on the sugar. Maybe they can re-formulate it with splenda or something to make it really offensive, but sweet.

Oh, come on you guys. This is the modern, competitive Darwinian world. Can’t you take a little well-intentioned teasing? It’s obvious you’re doing your thing for Darwin by seeing how far you can push the envelope of nearly unnatural ingredients.

ChristinaWestminster, MD