Chocolate Mint, Loose tea by the Pound

A lovely after dinner tea, our popular Chocolate Mint is a black tea with chocolate flavoring and peppermint leaves. Great when you crave something sweet without the sugar. You will swear you are drinking your favorite candy.

Quick facts

  • A great way to cleanse your palate with a sweet taste reminiscent of your favorite candy
  • A delcious blend of Chocolate and Mint

Top reviews

Simply Awesome !

This tea is delicious….I had it at a restauraunt instead of having wine and I was pleased with my decision. The tea was minty but I liked it because I could taste a hint of chocolate. The flavors blend so well I found no need to use extra sweetners to enhance the taste.
PorfirioEgypt, AR

dessert tea.

Though it smells very chocolatey-minty in the tin, I feel like the peppermint overpowers the chocolate once you actually brew it. However, it’s still nice, especially if you love peppermint. I agree that it makes a good after-dinner tea.
AnabelHepzibah, WV