Chocolate Mint, Loose tea in 4 ounce tin by Harney & Sons

Chocolate Mint Tea by Harney & Sons. A lovely after dinner tea, this popular Chocolate Mint is a black tea with chocolate flavoring and peppermint leaves. Great when you crave something sweet without the sugar. You will swear you are drinking your favorite candy.

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Fantastic Chocolate Mint Tea!

I love this tea. It really hits the spot when you are craving something chocolate without the calories. I would definitely buy it again.
StephanieChapin, SC


This tea is just delicious. I recommand it. Mint is predominant, and chocolate is subtle and it makes everything just perfect.
YvonneMaupin, OR

This is the most delicious tea ever

This is a delicious tea. I am very fond of flavored teas, but this is one of the highest quality ones I have tasted. The mint is very crisp and the chocolate adds a truly robust flavor. There are a number of chocolate teas that you can barely taste the chocolate flavor, or that taste artificial, but this one has a very natural flavor. I recommend it to tea drinkers and chocolate lovers alike.
ConchitaWest Hurley, NY


I had great service, the seller did have to contact me and she was absolutely wonderful. I will definitely order again.
EstelleGrand View, WI