Chocolate Rocks Candy Nuggets 1LB Bag

EAT ROCKS?! Chocolate Rocks…. These classic milk chocolate multi-colored chocolate rocks are an amazing favor for any event.

Quick facts

  • Certified: Gluten-Free Kosher
  • Quantity: Approximately 640 pieces per pound.
  • Made In: USA

Top reviews

Pretty and tasty but not good for you

These rocks are beautiful and they were the best goody bag treat for our son’s geology-themed birthday party. I might not have purchased them, though, if I had been able to read the ingredients before ordering. They are made with partially hydrogenated oils, which I try to avoid as much as possible. I’m not a health freak or anything, but that stuff is really, really bad for you. If you don’t care about such things, then go for it. They are awesome and fun.
TawannaChaplin, CT