ChocoPerfection 1.8 oz. Sugar Free Dark Chocolate Bars – No Maltitol – Box of 12 Bars

Box of 12 bars, 1.8Oz each (total of 21.6Oz), Sugar free and no maltitol, Delicious European-styled chocolate made with real cocoa butter, Low-carb chocolate bars, Ingredients provide unique benefits that will improve your health

Quick facts

  • Box of 12 bars, 1.8Oz each (total of 21.6Oz)
  • Sugar free and no maltitol
  • Delicious European-styled chocolate made with real cocoa butter
  • Low-carb chocolate bars
  • Ingredients provide unique benefits that will improve your health

Top reviews

The price of erythritol and oligofructose have nothing to do with it.

Both of those sugars can be purchased cheap at any low carb online store (netrition has it for $7.50 for 1 lb!), and if I can purchase it that cheap, then you KNOW they’re getting it dirt cheap. The price is high because low-carbers are desperate for sweets that won’t add much to their daily carb intake; and Low carb specialties (the makers of these bars) know it. I’ve purchased these bars twice before and loved them; but I took the price personally. Yes, it’s true, no one forced me to purchase them, but that’s besides the point. You end up feeling like prey every time you see the price of your favorite items through the roof when you’re desperate for something sweet. EVERY producer of low carb sweets pull that stunt; however, you’ll find all your “non-sweet” products, such as condiments, etc., moderately priced. It’s no coincidence. If you have the time, purchase ghirardelli unsweetened chocolate from Amazon, add a sucralose sweetener (Please see JJ’s recommendation below)-preferably in liquid form, so there’s no carbs-, add some cream, melt and you’re done. You just saved 2/3 what you would’ve payed for these chocolates. Any other sweets you find online can be duplicated with minimal effort as well. Just google it and fatten that purse.
BrianaMontezuma Creek, UT

tried the chocoperfection…

Recently i bought the chocoperfection because i wanted to try the sugar sub and see if it really helped out with cravings and weight loss. the wierd thing is that i gained 8 pounds within the first 10 days. the sugar i felt also acted as sucralose does… causing more sugar cravings. i am a healthy vegan and continued eating the same way when i started the choco. i truly do blame the choco for it since i continued and even increased my exercise routine while on it. i also felt more thirsty and bloated. yes the product was delicious but i didnt like it overall.
LorenzoLisbon, NY


So I had been looking around for someone diabetic who could post their sugars after eating a Chocoperfection bar, since the company makes so many zero glycemic index claims. I’m not diabetic, so I figured my results wouldn’t help anyone. Well, after not finding anyone who had done this experiment, I just figured I’d give it a shot. I’m not diabetic, and I’d imagine if you were, your results would be way higher.

I took my blood sugar at the 00:00 mark, and the ate the bar. Then I took my blood sugar again once every 10 minutes for an hour.

00:00 75
00:10 73
00:20 82
00:30 83
00:40 83
00:50 91
00:60 93

For me, almost 20 points difference in an hour, is major. I won’t be eating them. I could eat a bag of skittles for the same glycemic cost. I don’t know if it is the glycemic index, or the insulin response, or the leptin response that causes this fluctuation, I just know I don’t need it.

CharoletteChavies, KY

Please stop calling this great chocolate….

I’m a low-carb lifer, who also is a certified chocoholic, so I’ve tried most of the low-carb sweets on the market. I purchased a full box of these, so I had a chance to “live” with them for several weeks. I have to wonder if the other reviewers calling this “great” chocolate have ever actually tried anything beyond Hersheys. Because while it’s perfectly edible, it is very far from great. Have you ever had one of those cheap chocolate bunnies they sell around Easter? They cost $2, and taste like very cheap chocolate? That’s exactly what this tastes like. Again, it’s not horrible, and it’s perfectly edible, but using the word “great” when describing this chocolate is like using the word “great” when describing a Chevy Cavalier automobile. It’s entirely inaccurate. This tastes like cheap chocolate, but for what it is intended – low carb eating without terrible stomach distress – it does work. But please don’t buy this thinking you’re getting a wonderful chocolate experience. It’s not even as good as a Nestle bar, and it’s like eating tree bark compared to Recchiuti, or Fazer from Finland, or even Godiva. Would I buy it again? No, I’d rather eat Lindt 85% dark and take in 1-2 carbs of real chocolate. But if I were forced to a life of sugar-free chocolate, this would be acceptable.
ShantellWilbur, OR

Awful chocolate to a gourmet chocoholic

I am a serious chcoholic (preferably dark), and have been buying lots of high end bars for years (Vosges, Michel Richart, La Maison du Chocolat, Venchi, etc.). I cannot stand Hershey’s, even their more upscale bars, and can barely tolerate Ghirardelli; Lindt is acceptable if nothing else were available.

Vosges makes two sugar free bars, Barcelona and Red Fire; the Barcelona is “deep milk” (I prefer more like 65-70%) and the Red Fire is too hot for me. So I have been buying and trying all the other sugarless chocolate bars I can find. I have trouble eating any of the sugarless chocolate bars Amazon sells. I’ll keep looking for high end sugar free chocolate bars, but meanwhile I’m sticking with the two Vosges.

HollieRavenswood, WV

Low carb

I have only tried the dark chocolate bars.


Minimal impact on blood sugar
Does not cause rebound hunger or cravings
No artificial sweetener after-taste
No artificial sweetener gastro-intestinal problems (maltitol & sucralose cause me big problems)
Smooth texture (not grainy or dry)


Not as sweet or chocolatey as regular or maltitol sweetened chocolate
Somewhat waxy mouth-feel

LucillaSonora, CA

Wow! Chocolate without the guilt.

In a word: amazing. Imagine chocolate without toxic sugar and gas- inducing malitol. They’re high in fiber and great in taste; ChocoPerfection is the way to go if you’re on a diet and want to indulge now and then. I believe the woman who makes these delicious treats initially came up with these chocolates as a way to lose weight. Whatever the reason, way to go!

I highly recommend them.

By the way, if you find the price a bit too high, remember that they are sweetened with erythritol which will command a higher price since that particular sweetener is pricey.

TandraCromwell, CT

Perfection Indeed!!!

I’m doing the ketogenic low-carb diet that restricts my carbs to less than 20 a day. I never thought I’d eat chocolate again! These bars are the real deal, great tasting dark chocolate that even chocolate lovers will LOVE! Atkins bars, and any others with alcohol-sugars will knock you out of ketosis and stall your weight loss, these don’t! I use keto-stix by Bayer to check for ketones (the evidence of being in ketosis)and Atkins knocked me out of ketosis and these don’t. Plus these taste better! Best low carb product, period!!! Did I mention I like them?!
JacqueSaint Marys, WV


A great find for the low-carb eater. Smooth consistency, deep satisfying chocolate flavor, no weird aftertaste, not too sweet, not too bitter, and supposedly just 2 net grams of carb per bar. I have one a few times a week and remain in ketosis.
CarlenaChilds, MD

Great chocolate

My nephew found these chocolate bars and told me about them. He is on a low carb diet as I am also. We love them! Wish they were a little less expensive!!
JaredClayton, NY

Waxy, Too thick, Gas-causing

It’s challenging to create a chocolate bar with erythritol or xylitol without compromising texture and flavor (“cooling” effect). But it IS doable! I’ve ordered chocolates sweetened with xylitol or erythritol from 3 other manufacturers, and I was pleasantly surprised that they weren’t waxy. This one, unfortunately, is so waxy that it doesn’t taste like chocolate at all.

Some people liken these bars to Easter bunnies, but don’t the bunnies have a better mouthfeel? Perhaps it’s due to the fact that the bunnies are thin (hollow), and therefore kind of elegant. This bar is a very thick solid block – difficult to bite.

What made it even worse in my case – I happened to try the Almond variety, and they contained INTACT almonds! Other manufacturers break almonds into small pieces, and that’s what creates an elegant experience. Eating this one felt like alternating between putting a plain almond and a piece of sweetened wax in the mouth.

Finally, they contain oligofructose (FOS), which causes gas in sensitive people. Some may get bloated from eating just 1/3 of this bar.

The alternatives that I mentioned above are:

– The best one by far was a custom order from a small maker. E-mail cocosrawchocolates at yahoo, and she will make it the way you want. FANTASTIC!!!
– Lucienne’s – I haven’t tried their improved version yet. The previous version, while flavorful and with decent texture, was too acidic to my taste (I usually eat 90%-cocoa bars, but only non-acidic);
– Healthy Chocolate (their product is sold under several labels, e.g. “Xyla”) – although it wasn’t waxy, it still lacked the right texture and flavor, was very boring (opinion shared by relatives and friends);

KaraJennings, FL

Good Tasting, But Can Cause Gastric Distress

The ChocoPerfection “Sugar Free Dark Chocolate Bars” are indeed good tasting, but did cause me to experience some fairly spectacular “gastric distress”. I bought a box of these when they came up on Woot and was excited about getting a Maltitol free, diabetic friendly chocolate bar with only 2 net carbs.

While I knew that Maltitol caused me gastric issues, I thought these would be safe since Erythritol is OK for me and ate one before heading out of the house. Sadly I suspect the Oligofructose brought on a very unpleasant reaction that was more than a little embarrassing since it occurred at very public event. Further tests in privacy of my home confirmed that these bars were the cause of the unpleasantness.

Recommended for the flavor and low-carb count, but make sure you know if they will “effect” you before heading out to enclosed places with a lot of people. Ironically, my non-diabetic son doesn’t have a reaction to these and enjoys the taste so at least they won’t go to waste.


GinnyEarly, IA

Healthiest/tastiest chocolate bar I have ever found

This is the most delicious and healthiest chocolate bar I have ever tasted. It is sugar free, with 14 grams of fiber. There are no artificial sweeteners, and the taste is incredibly rich and creamy. I recommend buying the dark chocolate rather than the milk chocolate version because dark chocolate has all those important polyphenols. It is a little pricey but worth every penny.
SalCisco, KY

This chocolate is awesome, but this vendor is overpriced

This chocolate is divine. It is rich, does not cause stomach upset and melts like high carb chocolate.

I wish amazon carried it at a reasonable price since I am already ordering so much stuff from here, but this chocolate is very over-priced at the time of this review. You can get 12 bars of any flavor on netrition’s website for thirty four dollars instead of the fifty dollars that is currently listed here, they ship anywhere for a flat rate of $4.95 and have a lot of sugar free and low carb items so I am always ordering a lot of stuff and pay just $4.95 shipping, even if the package weighs 20 pounds.

Another option is to buy the two poundbags of dark chocolate buttons directly from the low carb specialty website for fourty five dollars with free shipping that includes an ice pack — per ounce, this is the least expensive way of enjoying Chocoperfection dark chocolate. The buttons are about an inch across and easier to portion out since a whole bar is too much for me and cannot be divided in half easily; the bars are made up of 5 scored blocks — so you can have 2 or 3, I wish it was scored evenly.

Anyway, I have tried making my own SF chocolate with varied results. I use the buttons for lots of recipes with no guess work needed. I often blend it with unsweetened chocolate for really dark chocolate flavor. What I find really good is to melt 2 ounces ChocoPerfection buttons with 1 ounce of unsweetened chocolate and blend with 2-3 ounces organic heavy whipping cream. Let it set in the fridge and then roll into small balls and dust with unsweetened cocoa, nearly instant truffles with no sugar added! I use a premium unsweetened chocolate for best results, but any bar found in the baking isle at your grocery store would work. I don’t usually add extra sweetener for the truffle recipe, but I may add a bit of NuNaturals NuStevia No Carb Blend, 1,000 Packets if I need it sweeter — that stuff rocks also.

LamontArnoldsburg, WV

Delicious chocolate way to get 14grams of fiber and only 2 net carbs per bar

These Chocoperfection bars taste so good, you’ll never believe they are good for you! I get these at my local Jimbo’s for $3.85each but am hoping they will be available from Amazon soon! What a delicious way to g35 14grams of fiber!

Instead of sugar, Chocoperfection uses erythritol which has 95% fewer calories than sugar, 93% fewer than maltitol, and no effect on insulin levels, and oligofructose, a sweet tasting dietary fiber made primarily from chicory (not the same as fructose).

These silky-smooth, delicious chocolate bars actually help you lose weight because the high fiber content and the high fiber content also acts as an appetite suppressant.

And unlike maltitol-sweetened chocolate, ChocoPerfection bars will never upset your stomach, give you gas, make you bloat, or stall your weight loss. Chocolate Perfect!

On top of all that, Chocoperfection is diabetic-safe and tooth-freindly, too. What more could you ask of a chocolate bar?

What is erythritol?

Like xylitol, erythritol is a polyol or sometimes called a sugar-alcohol (although none of them contain sugar or alcohol,) and has some of the cavity-fighting similarities.

Xylitol is as sweet as sugar and has about 2/3 the calories.

Erythritol, on the other hand, is about 70% as sweet as sugar and and almost zero calories. Plus it is better tolerated by most people

with less gastronomical or laxative reactions. By the way, XylitolNow sells erythritol in bulk on the main product page.

Being only 70% as sweet as sugar, erythritol sometimes needs a little help in the sweetness department. In the case of these bars, that’s where oligofrutose comes in.

What is oligofructose?

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Oligofructose, sometimes called Fructooligosaccharide or just (FOS), is a subgroup of inulin, specifically those fructose polymers with a degree of polymerization (DP) <= 10. Unlike most carbohydrates, it is not digested in the human small intestine and thus has a lower calorific value, whilst contributing to dietary fiber. Oligofructose is on the more soluble side, due to its lower chain length, than the general class of inulins and is therefore commonly used as an additive to yoghurt and other dairy products. It is used specially in combination with high-intensity artificial sweeteners, whose sweetness profile and aftertaste it improves. Oligofructose is also a prebiotic stimulating the growth of bifidobacteria in particular.

Food Sources
FOS is extracted from fruits and vegetables like bananas, onions, chicory root, garlic, asparagus, barley, wheat, and tomatoes. The Jerusalem Artichoke has been found to have one of the highest concentrations of FOS. (In the case of Chocoperfection, the oligofructose is extracted from chicory root.)

Health Benefits
FOS has been a popular dietary supplement in Japan for many years and is now becoming increasingly popular in Western cultures for its prebiotic effects. FOS serves as “fast food” for the probiotic beneficial or “friendly” bacteria that naturally populate the gut, increasing their ability to benefit overall Gastrointestinal Tract (GI Tract) health, especially proper digestion. It has also been touted as a supplement for preventing yeast infections.

And this from Steggall Nutrition:

Oligofructose is a tremendous substrate for bifidus bacteria, stimulating its activity by several hundred percent. This is called prebiotic activity, referring to stimulation of health promoting bacteria in the intestinal tract. Short chain fatty acids are produced, lowering pH levels and providing an energy source for the growth and maintenance of large intestine cells. This process leads to differentiation of cancer cells, a vital step that is required before cancer cells can be killed.

The ideal environment for healthy bacteria is quite different to the environment preferred by pathogens and gram negative putrefactive bacteria. Consequently the undesirable bacteria diminish in number as the healthy bacteria proliferate in the presence of oligofructose.

ChantalJaroso, CO

Good Chocolate Without Sugar, Sucralose or Maltitol

It is almost impossible to find chocolate that is low carb, and doesn’t contain sucralose or malitol. This candy is completely unique in that the sweetener is erythritol – no carbs, no toxic artificial junk, no sickening malitol. I can eat these without raising my blood sugar or making my tummy complain violently. That is the good part.

Here are the negatives: My family likes them, too, and I cannot make a box last long around my house – and these ARE NOT CHEAP! That is why I gave it only 4 stars – I think the people who make these bars are raking in an obsene profit because they can – this product is one of a kind – No Competition and so the price is sky high. I don’t think the chocolate is any better quality than comparable chocolate bars for half the price or less, but this company has inflated the cost of ChocoPerfection to indecent levels because they have the market cornered on a specialty product. Not uncommon, but kind of unfair to their customers.

All the same, treats like this are so rare in my low carb, diabetic world, that I will buy these anyway. And I will watch the pantry like a hawk to keep my non diabetic kin-folk out of the goodies!

MikeGrove, OK


I was hoping this would be good and really wanted to like it… was kind of like eating wax… I prefer a more bitter and deeper chocolate flavor. I enjoy the taste of dark chocolate. This bar seemed to be trying to mask the flavor of chocolate so much that there was nothing left. sadly disapointed. I like some of other sugar free chocolates, while more bitter, they are better.
KymberlyBelden, NE

Superior chocolate Superior packing

I received my second box of Chocoperfection and I want to thank this company for the superior packaging. Today it’s near 90 degrees and I was worried about receiving a box of melted chocolate (did I mention this is the best chocolate I have ever eaten). I was impressed with the 6 cold packs surrounding the chocolate and the bars were in perfect condition. It doesn’t even matter if you’re diabetic or not – just order this!!!
TaynaAdamsville, TN

Not fabulous but gets the job done. ..

Think its wonderful that there is such a product for diabetics. Unfortunately the flavor is definitely not equivalent to very good milk or dark chocolate (ie Godiva, Dove etc). It nice that there is something available for those who can’t eat regular chocolate. I bought the 5 pack from Chocoperfection website ($21 for 5 bars, free shipping). It came quickly, well packaged, fresh, not melted, good communication via email. Unfortunately the milk chocolate flavor is reminiscent of cheap “chocolate” (think inexpensive chocolate flavored Easter bunnies or dollar store “chocolate”). Someone in another review had mentioned this, and I do agree. Cheap chocolate flavor is not necessarily a bad thing. My husband likes that flavor. Keep in mind my perspective is from someone who typically eats the real deal, your mileage may vary especially if you haven’t had the real deal in a while. The raspberry dark chocolate flavor and mint dark (received a mini sample of that one) tastes better than the milk and plain dark in my opinion.
There is also a product called “DeMets sugar free turtles”, available in Walgreens and Walmart, $2.00 a bag. They are also made with Erythritol (like Chocoperfection) instead of the usual suspects of malitol (that’s in the Russelstover sugar free stuff) that cause GI issues. Can’t tell there is no sugar in the Demets and no upset.
SelmaNew Lebanon, NY

Pleasantly Surprised

I first ordered the Dark Chocolate bars and found them to be very good for a sugar free product. They have a very smooth mouth feel and good deep flavor. I usually like Milk Chocolates so the darker chocolate is not what I am used to. I am going to experiment with mixing with the milk chocolate bars and using to coat nuts and in other baked goods.

I recently received the mixed sampler which also included the Milk Chocolate, Almond, and Raspberry. I love the raspberry. It has the wonderful flavor of raspberry liqueur and makes the dark chocolate sing. This is the one I will reorder the most. My second favorite is the almond.

The milk chocolate was pretty good…different from a good full sugar chocolate and it did NOT taste like cheap Palmers to me. Note: Before I went Low-Carb I had stopped buying American Nestle products because they tasted like the cheap Palmers stuff.

I have not experienced any noticable gassy effects. The chocolate is very filling and satisfies my sweet tooth with a small amount. As I said I am looking forward to experimenting with this product in the kitchen. Enjoy!

CathernWhitfield, MS

Almost too good to be true!!

I read most of the reviews – I’ve been debating on whether to buy something less expensive, however I remember like most items that I purchase “sometimes you get what you pay for”. I’m a chocolate lover, but dark chocolate is my favorite and these bars are AMAZING!!! Unless you are just really trying to tell the difference, it’s like eating the Hershey’s “Special Dark”. I am blown away that these are only 2 net grams of carbs, which is the main reason I purchased these because I’m trying to watch my carb intake. And the fact that these are naturally Sugar Free and Gluten-Free is almost too good to be true! I would have never known the difference if someone handed me this chocolate bar. It’s truly THAT good! My only negative review would be the price is overly expensive no matter HOW good they are (I paid $4.24 each bar when you include the price for shipping – I purchased 24 bars). But if you’re searching for quality and something that tastes like the real thing, these are worth the try!
IkeQuemado, NM


I tried a raspberry dark chocolate bar a few days ago and today I had a dark chocolate almond bar. Both were absolutlely delicious! They left me feeling totally satisfied and not craving more sweet foods. I live in the town that creates these bars and was hoping I could get them cheaper directly from the company… such luck. The only drawback to these bars is the cost. As must as I’d love to eat one or half of one daily, I simply cannot afford it. Despite the cost, I will continue to purchase these and eat them here and there. If you’re looking for a delicious guilt free treat, this is most definitely it!
AndyJuniata, NE

wow, one tasty chocolate!

I love this chocolate! It’s with erythritol too which is PERFECT for someone on the candida-diet. My favorite flavor is Raspberry chocolate…
MiCollinsville, VA