Chocorocks Chocolate Riverstones 8 ounce

8oz. Chocolate river rocks

Quick facts

  • 8oz of decorating chocolate rocks
  • Perfect for birthday parties

Top reviews

Scammmer Alert – Shipping Rip Off

These look like the perfect pebbles for a project I have coming up, but there’s no way in H…..L I am going to pay The Party Works $9.65 to ship 1.5 ounces of candy that is already WAY overpriced at $3.59 (that would be $35.09 if getting a whole pound at this price).

The Amazon page on this company says that their shipping is $6.85 per item (which is also absolutely ridiculous!), but when I went to check out – there it was … $9.65. Needless to say, I won’t be buying these.

BerryLexington, MS


These rocks were great………look fantastic and taste great! The kids love them! I used them on a dirt bike cake and they really helped to set it off!
JamikaEast Rochester, NY

just ok. too few

The rocks are not pebbles as stated, they are rocks. I also got nowhere near the picture. I know the disclaimer says it can be different, but this was way off. First 3 of my rocks are a bright turquoise color not a brown, gray or earthy color. I also only got 11 rocks. Stating only the ounces on this listing is ridiculous when the picture looks like “pebbles” I knew I was only getting a couple of ounces but at the pebble size it would have been enough for my project. Instead I have eleven rocks. I have small hands and I can fit all of them in one hand. It’s definatly not enough for most projects. The candy rocks do look realistic though.
HowardHarris, IA

Rock cake decorations

the rocks look great. I wish the description had detailed more about the size but these will work fine. I was just hoping they were a little bigger. These are more like pebbles than rocks but they’ll work. Fast shipping and smooth transaction.
LawerenceNew Castle, NH

No identifying packaging

I received a small plastic baggie of crushed, half-melted chocolate rocks. At least I assume they are — there is no identifying labelling or nutritional information on the packaging at all. No idea who made them, where they came from, or what they’re made of. And I paid extra for two day shipping!
SherrillAlmena, WI

Arrived completely melted and unusable

I ordered this product to be used as an accent to my son’s birthday cake (construction theme). I live in Florida, and it was 96 degrees today. The product was shipped to me in a plain bubble envelope, and when I pulled it out, it was mostly liquid chocolate, with little bits of candy shell floating about. All of the “rocks” had completely melted, and there was no salvaging it. Very disappointing and frustrating.
LeviPursglove, WV

gingerbread house rocks

fantastic for decorating paths to gingerbread houses! also work fantastically for building chimneys!!!
DannielleArarat, VA