Christmas Toy Shop Advent Calendar with Solid Milk Chocolate Presents

Christmas Advent Calendar Filled With 24 Solid Milk Chocolate Presents hiding behind doors and windows of this Victorian Village Toy Shop. Great way to start the season early and it makes counting down to Christmas delicious fun!

Quick facts

  • Christmas Advent Calendar With 24 Solid Milk Chocolate Presents (8 oz)
  • Hiding Behind Window and Doors are 24 Premium Solid Milk Chocolates Foil Wrapped to Resemble Holiday Presents
  • Great Way to Start The Season Early and It Makes Counting Down to Christmas Delicious Fun!
  • Makes a Perfect Gift for Family and Friends!

Top reviews

Very nice Christmas chocolates, but they slip

Beautiful front graphic Christmas scene (nondenominational) with easy enough windows for my 5 y/o to open daily. The chocolates must be good because my daughter had one every day. Only problem was, if you hang or keep the box upright (I velcroed the box to our refrigerator door) the chocolates begin to slip down from behind their windows, especially as the Christmas day gets closer.

I plan on buying one again this Christmas.

DesiraeAvon Park, FL