A fat-free and fun alternative, CHUCKLES is a jelly candy that comes in five fantastic flavorsCherry, Orange, Lemon, Lime and Black Licorice.

Quick facts

  • Jelly Candy
  • Assorted Fruit Flavors

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The fruits of my labor

When chatchi’s favorite afternoon treat became mysteriously unavailable in the vending machine at work, chatchi panicked. How would chatchi get through the work day without his Chuckles — the delicious, fat-free candy that provides you with the sweet-filled enjoyment you earn every day.

Fortunately, Amazon carries this delicious, chewy, fruity candy, and chatchi can get back to doing his job.

chatchi’s only complaint about Chuckles is the black licorice flavor. chatchi normally likes black licorice, but this flavor is so overpowering, chatchi needs to eat it last, so as not to ruin the remaining cherry, orange, lemon and lime flavors.

chatchi loves Chuckles.

MaybellReading, PA


When I was young, nearly a half century ago, Chuckles was a very popular candy. I really enjoyed eating these jellied treats, which were dusted with granulated sugar, as they definitely satisfied a sweet tooth. I still enjoy them on occasion, though they are not as easy to find as in the old days, having waned somewhat in popularity. My particular favorite was the cherry flavor. If they had sold an all cherry pack, I would have bought them by the ton. Luckily for me, an all cherry pack was not available. I also enjoyed the licorice and orange flavors. Lemon and lime, however, were the flavors that I liked least, so I would benevolently offer them to my younger sisters. I was all heart in those days.
JacindaMonticello, NM

Old Fashioned CLASSIC

You’re crazy if you don’t have a soft spot for Chuckles. You know darn well that they were one of your favorites as a kid, and you can’t resist a package (or two) even today. I love the Cherry flavored, and wish that they would introduce a Red-only package of Chuckles (if only for a limited edition, and boy would I hold on to a few of those for posterity). A tip for you Chuckles-lovers– freeze ’em! They last a lot longer that way and are well complimented by your favorite non-caloric beverage (we ladies need to watch our expanding figures, unless the stork is on the way). God Bless Chuckles.
MamieWatts Bar Dam, TN