Chunky Chews® 7″-8″ Natural Rawhide Safety-Knot® Bone for Large Dogs

Great for big dogs and aggressive chewers, Chunky Chews are made from natural grass-fed beef hides without chemicals, preservatives or bleaches. Chunky Chews are packaged with lot codes for traceability including date of production.

Quick facts

  • 100% Premium Rawhide with patented Safety-Knot® design helps prolong chewing.
  • Up to 3 times heavier than bones of the same size.
  • Made with grass-fed free-range beef hides. Antibiotic & hormone free.
  • Designed for big dogs and aggressive chewers.

Top reviews

Great Dog Chew

These bones are excellent. My boxer who usually eats a rawhide bone in one day can enjoy these for several days. She has had no problems with them, and they help to keep her gums healthy. They also do not leave a greasy mess on the rug. This size seems excellent for her size dog (65lbs.) I will order them again.
ToneyEssie, KY