Cinnamon Cube Pops, 100 count tub

Espeez Old Fashioned Cinnamon Cube Lollipops are delicious and come 100 per tub. Individually wrapped to ensure freshness. A fiery blast from the past, these old fashioned red lollipops have a unique cube shape and a spicy cinnamon flavor!Cube Dimensions (Inches): 1 x 1 x 1Plastic tub contain 100 Red Fire Cubes Cinnamon Suckers Candy.Made in the USA.Shipping Weight ~ 5 lbs.

Quick facts

  • Red
  • Bulk Candy
  • Great Taste
  • Fresh
  • Candy requires expedited shipping.

Top reviews

Cinnamon cube pops = Excellent flavor and quality

I bought this item. It shipped fast and packaged well. The quality and flavor is excellent! Over priced. They sell in the local stores 3 for $1.00.
RenataNew Egypt, NJ