CINNAMON Jelly Belly Beans ~ 1/2 Pound

Half pound of delicious Cinnamon Jelly Belly Beans. Made with real cinnamon. The Original Gourmet Jelly Bean, Since 1976. Approximately 200 beans.

Quick facts

  • The Original Gourmet Jelly Bean, Since 1976
  • Made with real cinnamon.
  • 1/2 Pound
  • Approximately 200 beans
  • OU Kosher certified by Orthodox Union / Gluten-Free

Top reviews

Yummy snack

Jelly Belly’s are hard to find in bulk any more in my area. I like the cinnamon jelly beans best. I ordered a pound of them. They arrived quickly and were nice and fresh. I am doling them out to myself sparingly and savoring each one!
CorazonSearles, MN

Whatever happened to HOT cinnamon candy?

Valentines Day is one of those rare holidays where I join the Philistines whose favorite candy is not chocolate. Forget the heart shaped box, the chocolate chip roses, the cakes. Give me cinnamon that’s hotter than a scorned woman’s temper.

Except, where did it go? Somewhere in the past few years, cinnamon candy got namby pamby. Someone told me that people complained.

These are not the red hot Jelly Bellys I used to get. You know, the ones that made your nose run? And in a cold February, there’s nothing better. (Well, nothing I’m going to talk about here, anyway) They’re sanitized, expurgated, dare I say it? MILD, kiddie candy.

Still looking for my sinfully hot cinnamon for the year. Any suggestions?

Rebecca Kyle, February 2009

JaymeHysham, MT

Yummy Cinnamon Jelly Belly!

I order this 10 pound box of jelly bellys and they came very quickly. The box is heavy and the jelly bellys were perfect. If you are a cinnamon jelly belly fan this box is for you!
CatharineDepew, OK