Cinnamon Sticks Ceylon

Botanical Name: Cinnamomum verum J. PreslProduct Notes: Cinnamomum verum, native to Sri Lanka, is considered the “true cinnamon” of the world. Cinnamon sticks from this species are often referred to as ceylon or “soft” cinnamon sticks, and have different physical characteristics, as well as a milder, sweeter flavor than common cinnamon. Origin: Sri LankaProcessing Notes: Ceylon sticks are harvested from an evergreen that grows 30-60′ in height, with light brown, papery leaves, reaching as much as 7″ in length with delicate white-yellow flowers in the summer. The bark, comprised of long, slender phloem fibers (less that 30 mm thick), is harvested from a tree every other year. After harvest, the bark is allowed to ferment for 24 hours, before the outer bark is scraped away leaving behind the delicate inner bark, that easily breaks into splintery fragments under light pressure. Ceylon sticks taste spicy, sweet, and delicate with much more gourmet flair than that of common cinnamon. Kosher: KSA CertifiedCommon Name: Cinnamon SticksPlant Part: BarkBar Code: 0-89836-00267-9

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I NEVER GOT THIS ITEM!!! the Frontier Bulk Cinnamon Sticks Ceylon (Soft) 3″long, CERTIFIED ORGANIC, 1 lb. package (Purchased on 01/20/2012)
by Frontier Natural Brands~joanne cooper
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