City Ham and Biscuit Mix

Our city ham biscuit cuts are made from our hickory smoked city ham. Pack contains two 1lb. packages of our City Biscuit Ham Cuts (about 21 to 22 plus servings). This product is also available with a 2 lb. sack of our own Stone Ground Buttermilk Biscuit Mix, and a Biscuit Cutter.

Quick facts

  • Biscuit Size City Ham
  • Square Cuts of Sweet Moist Cured Ham
  • Free Shipping

Top reviews

Burgers’ Smokehouse Biscuit Ham

I received a ham and 4 packages of the biscuit sized ham slices as a Christmas gift (2007) and must say the ham was wonderful, but the small biscuit sized slices were the biggest hit with my family. We used them for our family gathering at breakfast and they went like hot cakes! The small ones asked for more! Perfect for children because of the tenderness and being so lean. Just found their website – gotta have more!
EdaDexter, KY