CJ Seasoned Seaweed Snacks, 0.18-Ounce Packages

CJ Foods has been in operation in the U.S. since 1978 and has since become a major distributor of Korean food products to many markets nationwide. Utilizing our experience and network established over the past 30 years, we continue to grow in our efforts of globalization. Headquartered in Commerce, California, CJ focuses on introducing our products into the American market and promoting Korean food culture domestically. We offer a wide range of food products and strive to fully satisfy our consumers’ needs for nutrition, convenience, and great taste. We are proud of our role in globalizing Korean food products and will work endlessly to achieve our goal of becoming the “Number one Korean food wholesale and distribution company in America.”

Quick facts

  • Toasted seaweed that makes a great snack for school or work
  • Goes very well with cooked white rice
  • Flavorful addition to any of your favorite recipes
  • Use to create authentic Korean dishes
  • Product of South Korea

Top reviews

contains MSG

I was disappointed when I received this shipment, as the seaweed contains MSG, and it’s not listed as an ingredient.
Amazon was very gracious and refunded me the amount of purchase.
LashandaPiedmont, OH

almost expired seaweed

The shipping was very fast, but so was the expiration date…. got it on Feb. 14, 2012 expiration is April 4, 2012 (only 6 weeks before it expires). Who can eat so much seaweed in such a short time?????? I should have returned it, but who wants to go through all the trouble. Well I stuffed it all in the freezer and hope it will be still eatable. That’s what you get when you order food online. I will not order it again!!!!
EricThousand Palms, CA

Deliciously seasoned, lite and crispy!

I have purchased these though a local source for four dollars for a pack of eight. If you are not sensitive to MSG then these are a delicious alternative to other salty snacks. The seasoning is tasty and the thin sheets of seaweed are lite and crispy! I eat them two or three packs at a time…25 calories per. Love them!
LorettaOldtown, MD

seaweed and rice

My little ones love seaweed and rice and this seaweed did not disappoint.
other brands are too oily or salty or not enough. This one though is just right.
I would be buying it again… and again.
DierdreCharlotte, MI

Great for snacking

Great for sushi, or for use with Korean kim-bob, or maybe just as a snack. Lightly salted, great crunch, and will support, rice, beef, pork, even fish.
Or a vegetable or two.
HungRailroad, PA


I found this stuff to be very tasty, great with jasmine rice or just as a snack. I don’t mind a little MSG if it enhances the flavor.
BerneiceKirk, CO