Claeys Cinnamon, Lemon Drops and Wild Cherry Set – 3 Pack


Quick facts

  • * Claeys Cinnamon, Lemon Drops and Wild Cherry 3 Pack
  • * Includes 1 – 6oz Bag of Each Flavor
  • * Great Old Fashioned Candy!
  • * Additional Flavored Sets Available!

Top reviews

Cinnamon good, Cherry Cough Syrup, Lemon Nice

This is an interesting combination. The Cinnamon flavor is light so it doesn’t bring tears to the eyes or burn the mouth. The Cherry tastes a bit like cough syrup. The Lemon flavor is very nice and just what one would expect for a Lemon hard candy.

I won’t buy the combination again as I prefer a much stronger cinnamon flavor. I avoid anything tasting like cough syrup and I can get the lemon drops separately.

CarterEnumclaw, WA