Classic Voortman Windmill Cookies

Voortman Windmill cookies.

Quick facts

  • Yummy Voortman Windmill Cookies with ZERO trans fats!
  • Large size 12.3 ounce roll pack with 22 ring-shaped windmill cookies per pack!
  • Voortman’s fabulous Roll Pack line, gives you more of everything! Convenience, variety, and more great tasting Voortman cookies! These large size packs have it all!

Top reviews

Not the Windmills of our childhoods 🙁

No almond slivers, contain corn syrup, nice taste, but not the Windmills that Voortman’s used to make. Disappointing.. A friend had mentioned them and purchased them for nostalgic reasons.
MyrlPortland, IN


Windmill cookies with a cup of hot tea are one of my favorite nighttime snacks on a cold night, but I would never pay this much for them. The Aldi sale ad in today’s paper has a 21-ounce bag of Cafe Bistro Spiced Spekulatius Cookies, which is the same thing, for only $1.79.
I haven’t bought Voortman Windmill Cookies in a while, so I don’t know what they cost in a store now, but nobody in their right mind would pay $6.99 plus $4.49 shipping for a 10.6 ounce bag of these.
DanyellNorth Blenheim, NY

Best Cookies in the World

These are the best cookies I’ve ever tasted. I’ve loved them for years and can’t get them in my town anymore so I was glad to see that Amazon could put me in touch with someone who sold them. The cookies are crisp without being hard and have lots of cinnamon and cloves. If you like those spices you will love these cookies.
GeorgiannaQuakake, PA