Clement Faugier Gourmet Chestnut Spread From France Vanilla 17.5 oz

This delectable spread is a favorite in France. Made by cooking the chestnuts with sugar and vanilla, it is excellent on toast and because of its thick and smooth texture, it also goes well with ice cream or yogurt. Some use it in place of chestnut puree to make a mont blanc (french dessert made of pureed chestnuts and whipped cream, often on a meringue base). Of course, you may also find yourself eating it straight from the jar. Once widespread in France, chestnut trees, or chataigniers, are now becoming scarce as land has been given over to more profitable crops like grapes. Today the number of regions producing chestnuts has dwindled – ardeche, corsica, and limousin are now the principal producers of chestnuts.

Quick facts

  • Imported straight from france
  • Thick and smooth texture
  • Goes well with ice cream or yogurt
  • All natural
  • Fat free – low cholesterol

Top reviews

The Best!!

This stuff is great. I too got this in France first and found this brand in the US. It is fantastic. Highly recommended.
This brand is also the best you can buy of the brands available in the US (of which there is not many)
AletaPort Monmouth, NJ

Delicious…reminds me of France

I ate this like crazy when I studied abroad in France, and to find it online was awesome! This shipped very fast, and it tastes delicious… just as I remembered!! MMMMMM Creme de Marron 🙂 🙂
MerleneArthur, TN

Making cakes perfect

I am so happy to have found this on amazon and use it for a variety of desserts including mixing it with cream and layering cakes. Thanks Amazon
ElviaCoopers Plains, NY

Great Spread

This chestnut spread is a French specialty and is used both on toast and to make the traditional Holiday chestnut log. Delicious and low fat. Could be a substitute for Nutella for the health minded.
KamColumbus, TX