Click – Espresso Protein Drink Mocha – 12 Packet


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Metallic Taste is the Deal Breaker

Purchased this to use for travel as it’s difficult to find iced coffee in most hotels & using water to mix makes it the perfect travel drink. I so wanted to love this. You have to shake vigorously – preferably using a shaker with a stirring ball or filter – as it’s VERY grainy & takes about 2 minutes of solid shaking. Grainy I can live with, but the taste is the deal breaker. It has an incredibly strong metallic taste. The only way to soften the taste is to add lots of milk, which defeats my purpose of bringing a water mixing drink to travel. It’s expensive for the convenience and would have been worth it – if only I could drink it. Oh well, the search for a traveling, water mixing iced coffee continues.
ElsieNapoleon, IN

Great Taste!

I’ve been searching for a good-tasting protein drink since I had a gastric bypass 3 years ago. I saw this product on another weight loss surgery blog and decided to give it a try. You can drink it warm (unlike most other protein drinks) or cold and it mixes quite easily if you use a container with a blender ball. I thought it was a bit too thick when I mixed it according to the directions (2 scoops in 12-14 oz. of water) so the next time I used more water. Others might prefer the thicker version, though. I also added crushed ice after I mixed it which kept it cold longer and made it more like an iced coffee drink. When I travel, I take my empty blender ball container in my carryon bag, stuffed with ziploc bags filled with protein shake powders but on my next trip will be taking these packets instead.
FayePaincourtville, LA