CLICK Espresso Protein Drink, Mocha

CLICK, a delicious, easy-to-make, all-in-one, coffee protein powder drink mix, is designed to help you achieve your personal weight-loss and health goals. Made with real gourmet espresso coffee and premium grade protein, CLICK provides the decadent flavor you love, with the nutrition you need, to boost your energy, curb your appetite and improve fat burning. Ideal as an all-in-one breakfast meal replacement, appetite-curbing afternoon snack or as a nutrition drink to support your workout. Unlike most protein shakes, CLICK can be enjoyed hot, cold or blended. Enjoy all the CLICK coffee-house flavors knowing you are doing something good for yourself one cup at a time!

Quick facts

  • All-in-one, low calorie, coffee protein powder drink mix to curb appetite, keep energized and promote fat burning
  • Amazing “Wow” coffee-house taste. One of the few protein drinks designed to be made hot as well as iced or blended
  • Perfect as breakfast meal replacement, mid-day pick-me-up snack or pre or post workout performance drink
  • Double-shot, premium-grade espresso coffee – not coffee flavor, or synthetic caffeine
  • Only 120 calories with 23 essential vitamins and minerals, naturally flavored, colored and gluten free

Top reviews

MM runs on CLICK

Espresso, chocolate, and, PROTEIN, 15 grams in one serving. It can be made hot or cold, I tried it both ways about eight times now, and I love it. (You know I don’t just throw that out there, I am a tough cookie.)

For the sake of a simple review, I tasted it AS THE PACKAGE DIRECTED and it was just perfect.

I prepared it cold, and look, I sucked this down, and then I cleaned the bathroom in a single bound, I did!

As a hot drink, it’s also delightful – you literally just mix it as you would any hot powdered drink like a cocoa. I highly suggest a whisk, and do it well, and you get the best results. This mix really has a smooth mocha flavor.

I’ve been drinking it hot in my morning cappuccino – I whisk one or two scoop into some hot water to mix, then a shot of espresso and then top it off with steamed unsweetened soy milk, and it makes an AMAZING morning cup.

I’ve already thrown it into protein shake concoctions in the blender, and it’s OMG!? DELICIOUS with blended ice and additional flavors. (THINK ABOUT THE OPTIONS HERE PEOPLE!)

The nutrition:

* 2 scoops contain:
* 120 calories
* 1.5 grams of fat
* 115 mg sodium
* 290 mg potassium
* 12 carbohydrate
* 1 fiber
* 7 sugar (fructose)
* 15 protein

Overall, I am very impressed with Click Protein. There is NO telltale protein-y taste, you that icky tongue-feel and after taste you might get with other protein products? I don’t know how it’s possible, but it’s true – you cannot tell that this is a protein drink by any stretch.

Add that to the fact that it contains my two main food groups, espresso and chocolate? It’s a clear winner, and my new thing.


EricEnola, PA

Wow. WOW! So Good!

This is, so far, my very favorite protein shake.

If you love coffee then you should follow the directions- the mocha flavor is nice and strong in 12 oz of fluid (I do milk, to up the protein content; more on that later). If you like coffee with chocolate flavor then this is the mix for you!

Personally, I like putting 16 oz of milk in a Blender Bottle (with the genius blender ball) and then two scoops of Click powder. I personally love mocha when the chocolate is predominant with a hint of coffee, and this tastes like chocolate milk with a delicious coffee undertone.

My only complaint is that the protein content is a little bit low (15g per serving) and it’s $1.50 a serving. Honestly, it’s so good that the money is worth it. It’s also way less spendy- at least half the cost of your average drink- than getting a mocha at a coffee stand and far healthier. As far as the protein goes, if I do the 16 oz of milk then I get 33 grams of protein in a shake. Not too bad, and again, it tastes so great!

As an RNY gastric bypass patient I find it difficult to in 80 grams of protein from shakes per day, particularly because most things just don’t taste that great. This is the first protein drink I’ve had that is genuinely good, not just, “Meh, I guess that’s ok for a protein drink.” I fully recommend this to anyone!!

Lastly, you can search around for other recipes- some people add a scoop of vanilla protein powder and a splash of drip coffee, or drip coffee and sugar free vanilla syrup, etc. I also hear Click makes DELICIOUS protein ice cream, and I plan to give that a go in the upcoming weeks. If it is delicious I’ll leave this as is. If it’s nasty (which, based on how great this stuff tastes, then I doubt it will be!) I’ll edit my review to reflect that.


BrandonSan Mateo, CA

Make sure you like the taste of Sucralose!

While Fructose is the main sweetener used,they also decided to throw Sucralose in the mix.Big mistake!.Why they would want to use an artificial sweetener with potential safety concerns beats me.This product would have tasted great with just more Fructose(or plain Sugar) than that horrible metallic tasing Sucralose.Just make sure you like Sucralose before you buy this.Next time I’ll make sure I read the ingredient label more closely……
StormyVilas, CO

Complete CRAP nutritionally!! Buyer beware

Ok, for starters I have personally spoken to the guy that owns this company and had asked him about some nutrition information about his product. Needless to say I was treated like a 2nd class citizen and was told not to call him and bother him any more! WHAT?!?!?!?! I did further research and many of the ingredients in this product are NO BETTER than a FRAPACHINO from STARBUCKS! I train for fitness/figure competitions and can tell you first had this product is full of crap ingredients. Save your money and the deciet and go to Starbucks, at least you know what you are getting there and WITH A SMILE! 🙂
KaraThurmont, MD


Urg. This stuff was just nasty. I made it with water. Then I put the jar in the kitchen at my office hoping somebody would take it. Maybe it would have been a little better with milk, but it still would have been a mess of undissolved clumps of bad-tasting stuff. I have the Blender Bottle (the one with the little whisk-ball), and I shook it for a long time, and then I shook it some more, but it never dissolved. Nevertheless, dissolved or not, I didn’t like the taste. Love Andrew Lessman’s “Secure” protein drink, but that isn’t available on Amazon.
RicardaClarksburg, MD

Tasty protein. Watch the carbs.

Very nice tasting protein powder. Tastes like a nice iced coffee. Doesn’t dissolve completely, though. I mixed mine well, and it was still a little clumpy. Not enough to ruin the drink, but enough to get a couple surprises of powder.

One thing I don’t like is the amount of carbs. 12 grams is a lot when you’re only getting 15 grams of protein. I do like that’s it’s low in calories, though. One of the lowest I’ve seen, and for a decent sized shake.

EmiliaCarthage, MO

Gritty, not so good tasting.

I tried this both hot & cold. The only way it was even close to being drinkable was to put alot of ice in it. Not matter how I tried it, I could never get it to be smooth, always gritty or chunky.
ThuCabot, AR

Yuck Yuck Double Yuck!

I tried the click espresso mocha flavor after reading all the rave review on the gastric bypass boards. I thought it would be great, I LOVE my mochas!! First I made it hot with just water (followed the directions to a ‘t’ and measured everything out), horrible… terrible smell and taste, couldn’t even drink it, I have to dump it down the sink. I thought, well… maybe I am just not preparing it right so I made a cold one.. yucky too. Blended with milk… a little better but still had a fake coffee flavor with tons of artificial sweetner and the funky protein taste. I’ve tried really hard to make it taste good to me but It’s horrible in my opinion. I really really wanted it to be good… mocha and protein, it would have been so nice.
ArlieManchester, CT


This is the nastiest protein shake I have ever tasted and I have tried plenty! I could not even swallow it because it was so nasty. It does not mix smoothly using a blender bottle or a blender. It might make a decent java shake if you mixed it into ice cream but that kind of defeats the point of having a protein shake!
SynthiaEmigrant, MT

Subtly Sweet Vanilla with a KICK.

Vanilla is close to the top of the list of my favorite flavors — my fave protein supplements have been mostly vanilla based. Add espresso to that, this HAS to be a winner. I got my hands on an advance sample of CLICK Vanilla Latte. And, completely ignoring the fact that my espresso machine is dead, this was the perfect day to try it out.

As with any CLICK protein flavor – the suggested method of serving is to add the protein powder to 12-14 ounces of water, and mix well either cold, or warm it up. I added 14 ounces of steaming water from my hot tap on the water dispenser.

It was lighter in color than the Mocha Flavored CLICK, more like a cappuccino. It even frothed, but that could have been from the psycho blending I do to it. It definitely tastes like a vanilla latte, perhaps not the way I order it (Hi there extra shots!) but very taste-friendly to the espresso virgin.

The verdict. HELL YES. Thank you CLICK, I loves it.

Product – CLICK Espresso Protein Powder Vanilla Latte Flavor
Price – Amazon varies.
Via – Amazon
Pros – 15 grams of ass kicking protein that you could never guess was a protein drink.
Cons – Not as strong as it’s big sister.
Rating – Pouchworthy, MM.

FredTrona, CA

Better off making your own blend.

I really wanted to like this one-stop-shop for my morning run out the door. However, the taste is getting in the way. I prefer making a similar mixture with a packet of Instant Breakfast mix (no sugar), a half packet of Via (your choice of brew) and a half scoop of premium Chocolate or Vanilla Whey protein powder. You end up with something better tasting, higher in protein and lighter on the e-wallet.
DavidArjay, KY

Unpalatable & artificial aftertaste

By what stretch of the imagination anyone thinks this tastes like Vanilla Latte defies logic. To me, it tastes like chemicals (maybe because, duh, it is.)

Overall, it’s quite unpalatable. Gritty too. And while I’m sure it can provide you with some energy (thanks to all of the caffeine it contains) I’m not sure this is an advisable way to get it.

Can’t drink it, can’t return it, guess I’ll trash it.

GraceMount Hamilton, CA


What the heck are you people drinking maybe we have different products..

I don’t care how much protein this thing has if it taste nasty whats the point.

KelseyWestmoreland, KS

lumpy, boogery consistency

The coffee taste is pretty nice (but it’s not all THAT fantastic,) however I could not mix this stuff enough to get the lumps to dissolve. I even had it in a cocktail shaker, which I handed to my husband, who shook it like a can of paint at the hardware store. Still had the “boogers” in it. I do not want to get out the blender every time to make this stuff – it’s supposed to be a quick, convenient, mess-free, mix-it-n-go deal . . . at least that was my goal. Oh well, moving on.
LeannaGilchrist, TX

Tastes Great and is helping me lose lots of weight!

Love the taste, first off! I have only tried the vanilla flavor and it has been wonderful. The idea behind me taking this protein drink is actually two-fold. The first is to not eliminate but lower my coffee drinking addiciton (i.e. starbucks use ot be a morning ritual!) and also because it has some calories but not too many, I’ve been using it as a meal replacement for breakfast time. I’m trying to lose weight, and this is helping me get closer to my goal weight.

Since each serving is only 100 calories, you should be prepared for that you will feel hungry about an hour after you drink it. I started taking Yohimbine Powder, 5 Grams Yohimbine HCL 99% Bulk Powder shortly after starting to drink these shakes, and if you are trying to cut back on calories, I highly recommend some kind of natural appetite suppressant, you have no idea the difference it makes, basically a life-saver for me as I’m what you would call a snacker of snacks!

I know some other reviewers have said that stiring the mix works for them but I’m sorry if you really want to enjoy this shake, you need a blender, plain and simple. I could sit there in my kitchen and stir for an hour and it still won’t taste nearly as good compared to blending it for thirty seconds.

CrystlePurvis, MS

Healthy living clicks with “Click”

I use Click everyday in the morning and again aroundd 3pm. It is the perfect protein drink. If you have every tried any other coffee flavored proteins, you will soon taste the superior flavor of “Click”. It is high in protein and low in sugar a perfect combination for healthier living.
DannetteFort Mcdowell, AZ

non refundable-waste of money and scam

I was happy to find a high protein chocolate beverage that I could take to work every morning instead of coffee. I ordered 2 cans. It arrived on time. I followed direction to prepare a cup of chocolate. The powder was very hard to dissolve. After I worked on it using an electric mixer (since manual mixing failed, I thought to myself that is great, I can do that, no problem. Time to taste the drink. It tasted horrible. The sweetness is artificial and chemical. So I turned to the label to read ingredients. Far from being all natural. I dumped the drink in the sink and I was amazed that all the protein was at the bottom of the cup. I went on line to return the product. I was shocked to find out it was not returnable. So I decided to write this review to help others not fall in the same trap.

Thanks for reading.

DaniellColumbia, KY

Turns into plastic

Bought vanilla and chocolate for myself and daughter since so many good reviews. It was so bad we could not get it down. Tried adding milk etc, hot or cold. Could not do it. Took it to work, no one there would drink it either. We made some in a french press coffee pot trying to get rid of chunks that do not mix in even with blender. Left it over the weekend and Monday when we went to clean it the product had seperated. Into three different colored layers, all solid with texture of styrofoam and the smell was beyond words. Scary to think of it turning to a solid form and forming bowel obstruction. Would rate it lower than one star if I could.
KatheSummitville, TN

Not great

This shake tasted decent if warmed up however I was hungry after 3-4 hours, other shakes I have tried lasted longer. Mixing with milk was better than water and definitely mix before heating up, it would not mix at all if you just add hot water. I didn’t quite get the energy boost that other reviews provided, definitely more of a morning drink with breakfast not a breakfast replacement.
SydneyFort Towson, OK

eh, I dunno

to me this taste like mediocre cereal, dirt and old coffee. . . maybe I can get used to it but I wasn’t able to finish my first batch I made.
AngelesNadeau, MI


Do not expect the vanilla latte. This taste more like super old expired cocoa mixed with flour. Powder IS IMPOSSIBLE to mix thoroughly with hot or cold water, no matter how hard I try it still leaves the chunks behind. Taste is so gross, that it made me want to vomit when I tasted it first time. DO NOT BUY. I just wasted my money on a product that will not be even refunded.
MarxKief, ND

Horrible taste!!!!!!!

The reviews were what sold me on trying this product & the ones I read raved about the taste, so I thought someone should tell the truth. I’m an avid coffee drinker, so I just wasn’t ready for what I found. It was horrible!!!
JonathonEdgerton, WY

Not a full container

The container was only half full but it tasted good, kinda expensive for only half a jar…not sure if would buy again.
LeonidaChappell, NE

protein- 3 taste- 0.5

good way to wake up and get some protein/caffeine in the morning, but man is the taste off…
i’ve enjoyed the taste of literally every other protein powder i’ve tried more than this.
do not recommend
RhebaTylersburg, PA

very dissapointed

This stuff was just a mess of clumpy bad tasting muck in my cup. Plus if you read the ingredients you will see sucralose is an ingredient. They claim “no artificial flavors but if you do a simple search on sucralose you will find in unbiased resources that it is in fact not natural and is made in a chemical process that of course can come with side effects; one of which being headaches which I get when I have artificial sweeteners. Just a heads up.
LoritaKildare, TX

Didnt CLICK for me

Didnt like this flavor. Too sweet for me. Using one scoop and putting in my regular coffee to use it up.
EstebanMc Caysville, GA

Love this stuff!

Click tastes great and gives me a mid-morning or afternoon boost. I now have a coffee house at my desk!
MaynardPaulina, OR


I LOVE reg click and love vanilla but was very very disappointed in with this one.Right now I’m just trying yo use it up by adding a little into my reg Click.Strong artificial Vanilla flavor&.smell
LavetteDelavan, IL

Click deserves at least 10 stars!!

I’ve had gastric bypass surgery and drink protein shakes daily. Click is my favorite. I’m sipping a Click shake as I type. I use one scoop rather than two as the cannister suggests. Mixed with milk and topped with whipped cream, it’s absolutely delicious. Stick a straw in and sip away!!
CaraWalters, OK

Sorry, but I don’t agree…

I have tried many protien drinks, and there are loads that I like – the taste, texture and mixability. This one was spit out. I read all the reviews and gave it a try, but I find there is a nasty and bitter taste to it that lingers long after it is gone – much like the taste of artificial sweeteners for me. I realize that it may just be me – I also can not tolerate the taste of any diet drink for the same reason, so take this review for what it is – my opinion.

I also, however, found it very difficult to mix, and found it had a waxy consistency which I found very unpleasant. I did give it several tries – cold, luke warm, hot. Used a blender, a shaker cup, an immersion blender – all with the same taste and consistency results. Sorry to sound so negative, but I did felt the need to share my experience – as it differs so much from the norm!

BrittanieMagnolia, NJ