Clif Crunch Bar, Chocolate Chip, 10-Count

An organic crunchy granola bar from the makers of CLIF BAR

Quick facts

  • 10 Bars
  • Serving Size: 2 bars
  • Servings Per Container: 5

Top reviews

Clif Crunch bars

Just when you think you’re eating healthier – you research to find out “Your NOT” with Clif Products. Theirs so much sugar, carbs & fats in these products that you might as well eat cookies or candy bars. They definitely taste better and you get the same sugar & calories.
JeraldineWoodruff, AZ


Item tasted plain and was crumbly. Did not taste at all like it is described. We were disappointed with product.
DionnaShort Creek, WV

Decent taste – 5 servings per box

I get tired of labels selectively enhancing numbers to mislead, so these get a star off for that.
Big bolded letters it says: “10 bars” below, in smaller letters you’ll see a small pack has 2 bars. At least they have the decency to call a serving (at the back on small letters: 2 bars).
The bars are very small, so it’s no surprise that this is the case.

On a positive note, the oats are organic, as are a lot of the ingredients. The bars crumble a bit much, so you might lose a piece or two to the floor.

Overall, given the quality of the ingredients, and the decent taste, these are a good choice. However, a lot of the time the cost per bar* (10 bars in a box, 2 per pack) is close to a dollar, an honestly, anything over 50 cents is way too much for the size of these, and you would be better off with any of the other products out there that fill you up even more (1 dollar protein bars come to mind – they weigh a lot more than 2 of these).

MarniNorth Sutton, NH

Low. Low. I repeat: Low.

I’m not stupid. I have nearly a degree from a major university. I read this description over and over, and still it didn’t make any sense. Ten bars! Pack of two! Two boxes! Forty-eight! Hike!

Like me, you’ll probably be surprised by the dearth of product. You get two boxes. Each contains five packets. Each packet has 2 bars, sure — but the weight of each packet is 1.5 oz, which is less than two-thirds the weight of ONE regular Clif bar. These bars are maybe 1 1/2″ wide, 4″ long, and 1/4″ thick. You’ll be tempted to use them to file your nails. Why would Clif suddenly decide that humans can’t take a granola bar that weighs more than .75 oz — and package two of them together? Gosh, let’s all think.

Anyway, now you know. On the plus side, if you don’t like these — I’d give them a 5 out of 10 on taste — just hold the box in your open palm, and a hefty breeze will take them away.

RyanDade City, FL

feel like i was dupped.

saw this online as a deal. ordered some thinking I would receive 20 individually packed bars. It was not the case. You get two boxes and there are 5 individually wrapped bars inside. they call it 20 because each wrapper has two thin bars inside. I fell for it. hope this helps someone not to make the same mistake I made.
AliceAquebogue, NY

Crunched Crunch

Got these with a one-day shipping delay, but still very quickly with Amazon Prime. The taste is quite good, perhaps a little on the sweet side – especially when you hit a pocket of white chocolate. The big problem is the condition of the product when it arrives. I opened my first 2-pack and the granola bars were crushed into nuggets and powder. Strangely, the box wasn’t in bad shape, just the bars. A few days later, I opened the other box of granola bars, which was in better shape than the first one, and the first pack I tried again contained smashed fragments of granola bars. These are no fun to eat, as you can’t really open the pack and pour it into your mouth (I tried), and if you pick out the big chunks you get fragments and powder sticking to your fingers, and on your clothes (and in your beard). I’ll eat the rest, maybe out of a bowl with a spoon or something (with some fava beans and a nice chianti…), but I won’t be ordering any more crunched Clif Crunch bars.
TamaBreckenridge, MI

Not a fan of granola bars, but the taste of these wowed me

I don’t typically buy or snack on granola bars. They are often more chewy than like a crisp cookie and taste of honey and artificial ingredients. In fact, I would never have tried these were there not a sample bowl of them at a local grocery store.

I was more than shocked…it almost tasted like a homemade oatmeal cookie. In fact it was so good I returned for seconds and bought 2 boxes of these and 3 other flavors as well. Although the chocolate chip is a close second, these are hands down the best in my opinion.

Surprisingly the calorie count on the box is for TWO bars. While many manufacturers try to sneak in calories by doing things like saying there are 2 servings in soda can or 2 servings in a single frozen dinner so the calorie count looks smaller, they were more than generous. TWO bars of most of their flavors have only 160 calories and for a mega sweet fix that satisfies me plenty with just one bar, that wowed me.

This is an organic bar and they are actually vegan. Not that they advertise this anywhere, I just read labels and was surprised to see no dairy or eggs listed. One servings gives you 40% of your daily recommended serving of whole grains yet it tastes like a cookie or dessert…and that also means a nice doce of fiber.

While I wouldn’t fool myself into thinking that I’m eating HEALTHY just because of the whole grains and organic ingredients…it is, afterall, sweet and has 11g of sugar (but that’s for two bars, remember, and one is plenty filling for me so that’s not so bad for a sweet snack.) I do feel I am eating healthier than most alternatives when I’m craving a sweet snack that I can tote in a purse or keep in my desk drawer. Most bow far deeper into the less healthy alternatives of preservatives to keep them shelf-stable, or far more sugar.

Not to be confused with a protein bar or one packed with vitamins, of which it’s not, it’s still a healthy alternative to the afternoon candy bar or morning donut in the break room and in my opinion it tastes way better than either.

WayneNorthbridge, MA


the best part was the white chocolate, but you can buy that anywhere for cheap

this crap crumbles into thousands of pieces when you take a bite, so you can’t even anywhere with you. Gotta eat it over the kitchen sink as it is so messy

avoid this at all costs. Buy the chewy counterpart instead

EulahFontana Dam, NC

Amazing bar! Too expensive @ amazon!

Why is the box of 10 $10 @ Amazon when I can buy this for $4 at the grocery store? Is there a pricing problem?
DorothyConnellsville, PA

Quantity not as described

What looks like a great deal is actually a terrible one. This is ONE box of 5 packs of granola bars (packed like Nature Valley). So, instead of receiving 20 snacks, you get 5.
StephenGraysville, PA

Identical taste to Nature Valleys Granola bars

I was hoping that the taste of these granola bars would different from Nature Valleys but it turns out they taste pretty much the same if not identical… maybe a little bit less sugary.
Oh well, moving on… I just hate when companies deliberately trick consumers, the freaking box got 5 packs, just put that on the box.
WillieAmagon, AR

Best tasting Honey oat bars

These bars are tasty and delicious. You get 20 bars for a decent price (depending if you do subscribe and save). These bars are great for my little ones, they love them, and they are a good healthy alternative to candy or cookies.
AletaArgyle, IA

Tasty, but disappointed

The listing of the box describes as twice as many bars as there are servings. Each foil pouch contains two very small bars, which together make one serving. The 10 count is really a 5 count.
IrenaHobart, IN

Not worth it…

These granola bars are very similar to the Nature’s Valley brand bars. The Clif Crunch Bars are very messy. They crumble. The flavor is not as good as the flavors offered by Nature’s Valley.
LillianaBarstow, MD

Best Tasting Granola Bar

Awesome flavor, Awesome crunch. It almost melts in your mouth, could not ask for a better Granola bar.
DarenVerner, WV

Not pack of 2

This is not an accurate description for the product ordered. I only received one box of ten bars. The bars are great but since it is only one box it is not worth buying here.
SadeDenton, KS

Dishonest packaging

Made the mistake of taking the picture at face value. As other reviewers have stated, there are actually only 10 bars broken into two pieces. The price is not $0.74/package, but actually $0.74/bite.
NevadaParker City, IN

1 box

Product description says 2 boxes, only received one. This is a huge ripoff, I paid $10 for one box of 5 bars yet they are counted as 10. How do I go about getting my other box?
ClementeTallmansville, WV

expensive cliff crunch bars

These are not original cliff bars, but the smaller lower quality Cliff crunch bars. You can get these same bars in the same packaging at Walmart for 3 bucks for a box of 10.
IvoryEaton, IN

Just like Nature Valley Bars

They taste and look exactly like Nature Valley Bars. Also note the 10-count box is 5 packages of 2 thin bars. I would rather get the Nature Valley–they’re cheaper and taste the same.
MartineEwing, KY


These are perfect for when you’d like to have that chocolate chip cookie and you know you shouldn’t. Its crunch, crispy with just the right amount of chocolate chips to satisfy your craving.
DaisyBelvidere, TN

Stale Granola Bars

The Granola bars, with about a month left before being out of date, were stale, petrified and inedible. I returned the product to the original seller. Amazon charged double what the original merchant charged for the product.
All in all, a very disappointing experience. I have bought from Amazon many times in the past and was always pleased with the merchandise. This was the first “FAIL” for me.
CorneliusAmherst, SD

Great taste, but not very filling

I am a huge fan of Clif products, and consume them almost daily. My breakfast every single work day consists of a standard Clif Bar, and I also occasionally eat a Clif Builder’s Bar after a strenuous workout. Happy with all previous Clif products, I purchased a couple boxes of these Clif Crunch Bars, in the Chocolate Chip flavor. Like other Clif products, the whole ingredients list consists of real, natural items; nothing on the list that you can’t pronounce or identify.

If this review were based on taste and taste alone, there is no doubt in my mind that these bars would deserve a full 5 stars. Given that the bars are relatively healthy, with a solid ingredients list, they taste wonderful; I wouldn’t have them change a single thing. Unfortunately, the big downside to this product is the fact that they just aren’t nearly as filling as other Clif products. Each pack contains two separate bars, and as far as satisfying hunger goes, I need to eat two complete packs of these Crunch Bars to get the same amount of satisfaction as a single normal Clif bar. Granted, these are lower in calories than the normal bar, but they just don’t seem to cut it if I want a quick snack that will fill me up.

Another product I have used that is about the same nutritional content as the Crunch Bar, but seems to satisfy my hunger better, are the standard Nature Valley Granola bars. I will keep buying Clif products, but these Clif Crunch Bars will likely not make it back onto my shopping list anytime soon.

LukeSpencertown, NY

Overpriced! Not what you are expecting.

My main beef with this product is with the labeling.

The box is labeled very deceptively. This goes double when inspecting the packaging from the Web (as you are doing now). “10 bars” is prominently displayed on the box. Lo and behold, once you open the box, only five bars are present. Upon further inspection, you see that printed in mice-type on the box is “5 two count packages”. The net weight of the entire box is 7.4 ounces. That’s less than one cup of granola. That’s when you realize you’ve been had.

You can buy a mega-size box of Nature Valley granola bars from a warehouse club for less money than the “Pack of 2” you’ll find here. I mention Nature Valley because in a blind taste test you won’t be able to distinguish that brand from these Clif bars.

Seriously, if they are selling them for this much on Amazon, I’d be shocked and chagrined to see what they go for at the camping stores which is their retailer of origin.

I consider myself embarrassed to have been duped so badly on this one. Clif has seriously damaged their brand credibility. Live and learn.

ParkerMc Rae, GA

Rich, Delicious Snack Bars

These bars come two in a package (and two to a serving size!) and are absolutely delicious. They are crunchy and rich. The peanut butter bars taste like they are made with actual peanut butter holding the grains together. The white chocolate macadamia nut bars have little pieces of soy white chocolate in the bars and you can taste them when you bite in. These bars can keep me full for a while and are a great snack. Appropriate for a plant based diet.
AllineWicomico, VA

Very good!

I bought these not realizing that they were not the regular CLIF bars…I should have known because they are much too cheap the original ones, but I was pleasantly surprised with these… they come in packs of two, and they are like a regular granola bar as compared to the soft/chewy consistency of the original CLIF bars. I loved these though, and the white chocolate macadamia nut was so yummy! I would definitely buy these again! Great value. But very messy, so definitely not recommended for a breakfast while in the car! ha 🙂
AmiraSaltsburg, PA


Cliff Bar White Chocolate Macademia Nut Granola Bars are BY FAR the most delicious granola bars I have ever tasted. I eat one (half a pack) right after a workout to help put some health sugar levels back in my body. A couple grams of fiber, a couple grams of protein, a couple grams of fat = the PERFECT snack for health blood sugar levels for me. Love them!
SkyeBartlett, TX


I love these bars. They are lighter and crisper than the nature valley brand. Being that they have protein as well they make it a better choice to stave off hunger.
HalliePlainfield, PA

Best crunchy granola bar!

I have been trying to eat better. And I have been going on photo walks. I find that I need something with me in case I get hungry. Fruit doesn’t travel well. Granola bars do well in my bag. But chewy bars get too sticky. And most crunchy granola bars are so hard I am always worried I would lose a tooth or two. I saw these at Nutrition S’mart yesterday and picked them up. I tried one before I got home. They have a great crunch, not too hard, and a wonderful flavor. Now I want to try the other flavors but my local Nutrition S’mart only had 2.
AlonsoSaint Francis, KY


OK, I’ve eaten a lot of granola bars that supposedly contain peanut butter but these are the first one that REALLY taste like peanut butter. Probably the finest compliment I can offer is that if I was going to make a crunchy peanut butter granola bar at home, I’m not sure I could make them better than these. Anyway, these are highly recommended if you want a delicious crunchy peanut butter granola bar that just happens to have all the nutrition we’ve come to expect from CLIF. Yum-O!
HongHoosick, NY