Clif Energy Bar, Chocolate Chip –

We want a simple approach in an energy bar – not complicated formulas or gimmicks. Don’t you? It’s just an approach that makes sense. Clif Bars are made with 70% certified organic ingredients, taste great, and our convenient source of energy for any acti

Quick facts

  • A cookie-lover’s dream come true.
  • Nutrition for Sustained Energy
  • Good Source of Protein and Fiber
  • Made with Organic Rolled Oats

Top reviews

Better brand than others

These are a better brand than some other energy bars on the market, but are still leaning towards a candy bar when combared to some others. It is OK if you want something reasonably low priced for a quick pick-me-up, that is fairly durable to take along in a day pack (they are not as heat sensitive as some bars), but if you don’t mind a higher price, you can shop around and get some specialized bars. Other brands available at a reasonable price that I have tried and recommend include NuGo Organic Nutrition Bar, Dark Double Chocolate, 1.76-Ounce Bars (Pack of 12) which also come in other flavors, and list their contents as including 11 grams of protein. You might also try SoLo Gi Chocolate Charger Bars, 1.76-Ounce Bars (Pack of 12) which I have tried and liked.
ChanteBellevue, OH

Tastes good, would consider as an energy bar, but for the soy

I already like Clif Bars other products, the granola type things so I gave this a shot. It tastes good and chewy and I realized it could make a good energy bar for hiking or emergency supplies. My only problem is that it contains a substantial amount of soy ingredients. Its not GMO soy, which is good, but unfermented soy contains compounds that mimic estrogen and other hormones, which can harm men AND women. Google “The Truth About Unfermented Soy and Its Harmful Effects”. So that rules it out for me other than occasionally, if at all, since Im trying to eliminate soy. I hope they find a way to take out the soy, because it really is a great bar. Perhaps for emergencies, the soy isnt something to worry about, but I still wish it came without.

If you dont give a damn about that health aspect, go for it! It tastes really good, has a nice chew to it, etc.

TawanaRoyal Center, IN