Clorets Gum 12 – 15 Piece Packs

An intense breath freshening gum

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Clorets Gum

I received the product promptly after ordering. It was in good condition
and the quality was excellent.
IsauraColfax, IN


This is our favorite gum and we were unable to find it anywhere in the Buffalo area for quite a while. In desperation I went to Amazon and lo and behold it was there. This was a Valentine’s Day gift for my husband and you would have thought I gave him gold. He loves it. Will order again when needed.
BritanyAllakaket, AK

Just good ole Clorets

I could not find this locally. I’ve tried other gums but they’re too hard. I usually chew for only a few minutes, to loosen food from between my teeth when I can’t get to my floss. Ok, I won’t get too graphic. Anywho, I hope they keep making good old Clorets gum…been chewin’ it for more years than I’d like to admit. And it fits the bill just fine.
BroderickWilder, TN