Cloud Star Soft & Chewy Buddy Biscuits Dog Treats, Peanut Butter, 6-Ounce Pouches

The soft texture of these mouth-watering treats makes them perfect for our four-legged friends who prefer a soft treat. We packed them with flavor, but left out all the nasty preservatives commonly found in other soft treats, so you�ll love them as much as your dog does.

Quick facts

  • Made with natural ingredients
  • Highly palatable
  • No corn or soy
  • No artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives
  • Pack of four, 6-ounce pouches(total of 24-ounces)
  • Wholesome ingredients
  • Uses the latest food technologies to establish a natural preservative system
  • Made in the USA

Top reviews

Cloud Star Soft & Chewy Buddy Biscuits from Amazon

I received the first order from Amazon and the biscuits were so dried out that I couldn’t even crumble them. They sent me a replacement order and it was still very dry. I could, with great difficulty, crumble them for my older dog but I doubt that I will try getting them through Amazon again. When the biscuits are fresh, they are terrific for small or older dogs.
JaredDubberly, LA

My dogs fly when they hear me open the package!

I have chihuahuas so we need smaller treats. One is losing her teeth and she is still able to eat these treats because they are soft. They are also easy to break in two, since I give them each just half of biscuit as a treat.

I appreciate the quality of ingredients and that they are made in the USA. If you’ve ever researched the ingredients in most pet foods and treats, you’ll understand why this matters. The resealable package helps keep them fresh. The dogs know the sound of the bag opening and they go nuts!

DonettaRumson, NJ

My dog loves these!

To say my dog loves these is a huge understatement. She knows the sound of the bag now and will sit staring intently and can barely contain herself when she sees someone getting one out. As soon as the bag opens her little nose starts twitching like crazy. She is not like this with many treats! We call them “peanut butter men” and she now knows them by name. I’m tempted to try one myself to see what all the fuss is about. And they are made in the U.S.A!
KatelynFrenchville, PA

Great for new puppy

I started training my puppy with these and he absolutely loves them. I bought some other treats from the pet store but my puppy does not like them. Since my puppy is a small breed I cut each treat into four. Every time my puppy sees the treat bag he starts barking and gets so really excited I am curious on trying a treat myself.
CliffJoyce, LA

Treats for a treat~!

Great product for walking the dog! I walk my Benny for hour a day and put four in my pocket and when he jumps over a stump I always give one! He loves all the flavors but peanut butter is the favorite and they are chewy and not crispy like how some dogs do not like baked or crispy snack. 4 bags for a good price and last a long time it seems! Great treats for your dog and great for training and quick rewards.
KarolineGladstone, NJ

Best Deal on the Web

This a a great product and the best deal online! I have been feeding my dogs these treats for over a year and they love them. The price is the best I have found yet and they show up right to my door! Huge savings! Love Amazon!
BrandeMonroe, NE

Even for biscuit snobs

Our dog is quite picky when it comes to her treats. I was thrilled to find a treat for her with decent nutrition, no red food coloring AND she would eat.
Great for stuffing into Kongs because they are soft.
Perfect for training, I can break one treat into several small morsels. As opposed to dry hard treats that crumble. So far we have tried the chicken flavor and Peanut butter, both winners!
SlyviaCabot, AR

My Dog Would Kill You For One

I originally bought these in a local pet shop only to find them on later at a much better price! They were strongly recommended by many dog owners at the local dog park. My dog loves em, their dogs love em… they’re freaking awesome. You should buy these for your dog and give your dog at least 5 a day.
AlfredaSaint Bernard, LA

My dog loves these

These are one of the few treats my dog loves that are not bad for him. It’s like semi-healthy junk food for dogs. Alot of the other treats you have to be careful about. Some are made in China from sawdust and flavored with beef and chicken broth. Beware of ANYTHING mande in China. ANYTHING!!! Do your homework before buying treats and other things for your pets!!!
KittyAlto, NM

Dogs seem to like them.

I bought these thru warehouse deals and they seem soft and smell good for dog treats so I cannot really tell if they were old. The expiration isn’t until the end of the year. I have two golden retrievers and they seemed to like these. To me the only drawback is they are very small; about an inch, inch and a quarter tall so when I give these to my dogs, I have to give them two or three at a time. I guess I am use to bigger treats for biggers dogs. Either way, the price was reasonable and they do like them so I am pleased and I think so are the dogs.
TroyBentonville, IN

Great price but kinda stale

Amazing price but for some reason the peanut butter treats are a bit hard/stale. My pup doesn’t notice but I bought two other varieties and they are noticeably softer.
DedeShawnee, OH

Doggy looooves these!

I love the fact that these treats are made with wholesome, natural ingredients and MADE IN THE USA! Plus, my dog absolutely loves these! What more can I say?!
FelixCassville, MO

My pup will do anything for one.

My Wheaten/Poodle, Rahn, loves these miniature gingerbread men. About one inch tall, they’re soft and crumble a bit. To make one treat last for at least “sit, down, and play dead,” I’ll break up the gingerbread into a few pieces. Otherwise, these treats will go quick! A pack of 4 is almost necessary since Rahn seems to think they are absolutely delicious. You can also buy one pack at Target for about $3.99.
VaughnPaxtonville, PA

Good for Training

These treats have helped us through the training process with our 9 month old husky mix. They are easy to break up into smaller pieces, and she loves the flavor. She can chew the small pieces pretty quickly too. For the price, its a nice treat to mix in so they don’t get bored with the same old Kibble.
RoselleChandler Heights, AZ

cute and tasty

My dogs love these little treats. As other people have said, they smell strongly, but in a good way. I like that they are easy to break apart into training sized portions.
LeanVictor, NY

good treats for training

Since my dogs like smelly treats these work well to get their attention while training them. They don’t have an offensive odor but do smell meatier than dry treats so my dogs prefer them.
IvetteEssex, MD


My dog loves these chewy biscuits. And since she’s on a special diet and we usually really limit her treats, the smaller size is actually perfect for her (even though she’s a bigger dog).
AllysonLyme Center, NH

Our Chinese Cresteds give these a paws up!

Our Chinese Cresteds do agility and though they are very food oriented, it’s important to have a variety of special treats to keep them interested. These surely fit the bill. Since our dogs are small, the size of these treats and the fact that they are soft makes them just what we’re looking for, too! The 4 pack is a good value.
OlenKewanee, MO

Coco’s Favorite!

These Dog Treats are the absolute favorite of my Shih Tzu, Coco. She looks at me with her big brown eyes, pouring on the guilt until I go to the cupboard and get her some Peanut Butter Madness Buddy Biscuits. She deserves the best!

In addition to “good girl” treats, I use these treats to hide her medication. She never even knows she’s taken her medication! Great job, Buddy Biscuits!

AndraSmithville, AR

Never Met a Dog That Didn’t Love These

I give these as gifts to dog owners. So far, I’m told, every dog has absolutely loved them. I know my dog starts wagging her tail when she sees these treats in my hand! Doggies love peanut butter.
JohnetteCausey, NM

Crack for dogs

My dogs absolutely LOVE these chewy treats. They go absolutely bananas for them. We purchase many different Buddy products from cloudstar and are never disappointed.
DomingoAlexandria, PA