Cobblestone Kitchen Gingerbread House Kit, 39-Ounce Kits

Cobblestone Kitchens is a proudly Canadian company which has been family owned and operated for over 20 years. We are pleased to offer you products with locally sourced ingredients, and the piece of mind that all of our products are blended, produced, and packaged within North America. It is our mission to provide consumers with outstanding products which live up to their eye-catching packaging. From mouth watering home baked Scones to our fabulously fun and delicious Cocktail mixes and Drink Rimmers…How do we ensure that Cobblestone Kitchens will make any occasion a smashing success? We always have our friends and family give them the seal of approval before they make their way to you! From Our Kitchen to Yours

Quick facts

  • Pack of 2, 39 ounce kit
  • Complete with pre-baked gingerbread planks, icing mix and bag and a variety of candles
  • Build your own ginger house kit
  • Our Gingerbread is baked fresh from scratch each season which makes or kits not only fun to build and decorate but equally enjoyable to consume!
  • Contains pouch icing mix, 3 varieties of decorating candies, gingerbread house cookie pieces, icing bag and star tip, written instruction sheet for assembly
  • From Our Kitchen to Yours

Top reviews

Easy & was a hit

All the pieces were there, instructions were easy. The frosting was easy to make and it went together perfectly and was a huge success at the party.
EmaHanover, MI