Cobblestone Kitchens Delicious & Decadent Double Chocolate Hot Cocoa Mix, 10.2-Ounce Tins

Gourmet Flavored Hot Cocoa Mix – Double Chocolate

Quick facts

  • Cobblestone Kitchens specializes in producing some of the finest tasting Gourmet Flavored Hot Cocoa that you will ever enjoy Our secret lies in paying attention to the details in preparing our premium quality cocoa blends
  • We are very careful to select the right balance and combination of ingredients We add just the right amount of milk powder so that you only need to add hot water to enjoy each of our creamy flavors
  • We are very careful to select the right balance and combination of ingredients; Allows us to produce a wonderfully smooth Gourmet Hot Cocoa – not too sweet, not too strong
  • Just add hot water or milk if preferred
  • Rich natural chocolate flavor

Top reviews

On the verge of being good, but something’s missing

I ordered this for my birthday. I got birthday money from family, and I ordered a couple of goodies, perfume, and this cocoa. I love hot chocolate, and I’m always looking for new ones to try. Based on the first review I decided to go ahead and order. I will probably not reorder. Mixed by itself into hot water it seems to lack thickness. It also has too much of an artificial raspberry taste. I like Hershey’s Bliss Raspberry Chocolate much better. I’ve been adding one spoonful of the Cobblestone Kitchen to my regular cocoa to give it a raspberry boost. But, by itself, it does not stand up to the test. I plan on finishing the three remaining cans over time by using it as a stir in additive to other cocoa.
TerrellUmpqua, OR

There is good and then there is wonderful

Cobblestone Kitchen’s Irish Creme Hot Cocoa mix has got to be the most luxurious tasting cocoa on the market. We originally bought this cocoa to use as a base for Frappuccinnos but quickly decided it was way to good to waste in a mix. The flavor is rich and smooth. We have made it a part of our winding down for bed time procedure – a couple of cups together and just relax.

Cobblestone Kitchen refers to the cocoas as “Delicious and Decadent” and they are being extremely modest.

ChristinArcadia, OH