Cocktail Rx Freezer Cocktail, Cosmopolitan Flavor, 19.5-Ounce Bucket

Cocktail Rx brings entertaining to higher heights with a full array of cocktail mix products. Our lineup spans the globe of cocktailing, including complete cocktail shaker kits in a full range of flavors, a comprehensive line of exotically delicious flavored cocktail freezers and industry leading all-natural drink mixes, rimming sugars and salts.

Quick facts

  • An all-nighter in the freezer and this pail is ready to wail with the best of them
  • When the party calls, this is one sweet way to respond
  • Each Cocktail Rx Cosmo freezer makes 16 delicious frozen cocktails that turn any occasion into a memorable one

Top reviews

Also disappointed.

I had a similiar experience. Two of the buckets contained in the shipment were ruined. The red liquid packets had burst and seeped out of the buckets. Fortunately, the three buckets were sealed in a plastic bag and didn’t ruin anything else in the box. So, I paid $28 for ONE useable bucket of Cosmos. Really disappointed to discover that I can’t even return the item. I won’t order again.
MerlynHanover, PA

really dissapointed

I have ordered and bought these buckets before from various stores and they are always wonderful. This purchase however was for a 3 pack of cosmo buckets. When I opened the first one the flavor packet had exploded on the inside and smelled terrible. I ended up throwing that one away. The second one I opened up seemed ok so I prepared the bucket according to the directions. When I tasted it after it was frozen however it had a funny taste to it and wasn’t drinkable! Will probably just throw out the 3rd bucket as well! Really dissapointed with this.
LannyLeeds, ME