Coco Polo Dark Chocolate Variety Pack of 8 Bars, Stevia Sweetened 70% Cocoa , All Natural, Non-GMO, Sugar Free and No Sugars Added

See our Stevia Sweetened Pure 70% Dark Chocolate Bar for a description our exclusive chocolate. VARIETY PACK OF 8 BARS:- Three bars of Pure 70% Cocoa plus 1 bar of each other type of our new 70% Cocoa, Stevia sweetened chocolates: Pure 70% Cocoa Dark, 70% Cocoa Dark with toasty Whole Dry Roasted Almonds, 70% Cocoa Dark with Tart Montmorency Cherries (tastes like very tart cranberries), 70% Cocoa Dark with bright tasting Real Elderberry Fruit, 70% Cocoa Dark with Cocoa Nibs and 70% Cocoa Dark with Smooth Dried Ginger (a little heat at the end). Sample the distinct flavor of each or make up combinations like the Whole Almonds with Tart Cherries, your choice. The various combinations bring additional health benefits to these Cadenza bars: as always we emphasize both taste and health, not just flavorings. Ask us to gift wrap- FREE gift wrap and personalized gift enclosure for all our chocolates.

Quick facts

  • 70% Cocoa, Silky Smooth, Full-Bodied Cocoa Taste, Gentle Sweetness Without An Aftertaste
  • All Natural and Non-GMO, Inulin Prebiotic, Non-Laxating
  • Diabetic Friendly, Sugar Free or No Sugar Added, Low Net Carbs
  • Zero Cholesterol, Zero or Extremely Low Sodium
  • Gluten Free, Trans Fats Free, Lactose Free, Peanut Free

Top reviews

good but beware

These are very good but it does still contain sugar alcohols and it can create bad gas and or worse.
MinhPawtucket, RI

Excellent product; great customer service

I ordered the variety pack and love all the flavors. I’m a Type II diabetic and try to control my blood sugar by eating low carb, but delicious food and this suits my needs beautifully. I’m also greatly impressed by the company’s customer service. I had made an error in ordering that would have significantly increased the shipping charges, but Coco Polo customer service was kind enough to call and ask me if I wanted to change it. I of course said yes and the company processed a refund on my credit card through Amazon. Great, thoughtful service!
RenitaAlcalde, NM

DELICIOUS! Far exceeded my expectations!

I am a type 2 diabetic and have to limit my sugars – this is flippin’ delicious. The chocolate is creamy, fresh – and is REAL chocolate. You know those “sugar free chocolates” in the store are “chocolate flavored” with artificial chemical sweeteners probably worse for you than sugar. Nothing in that candy is real. This is chocolate from cocoa beans and sweetening from stevia, a plant. There is no after-taste as with some sweeteners (it’s just sweet). I have not tried the milk chocolate; this sample definitely does not taste like a Hershey’s chocolate bar, it’s not overly sweet (I love dark chocolate). I’m not sure what chocolate the other reviewer thinks is better or more complex, but I’ve had Godiva and I like this as much. This is as good as any chocolate I ever ate. The “ginger” variety was awful, rather like jalepenos & chocolate, mint would be a better choice, all the others good. I will definitely buy more Coco Polo but am hoping the price will become more affordable, still looking at other products.
JolynChinese Camp, CA

okay chocolate

The choclate used is not very complex or flavorful, making the bars a bit bland. I was so excited to find this product but it was a disappointment–definitely not chocolate for chocolate lovers.
MatthewAurora, OR

Like crack. Only good for you.

I’ve been experimenting with homemade sugar-free chocolate for a while now, and after trying a large number of sugar substitutes, I’ve found it very difficult to make anything that I’m proud of. Chocolate, in general, is very temperamental. It has six different crystalline forms, and you have to get the temperature just right or else you wind up with a less than desirable form. And your sugar substitute needs to be fat-soluble and anhydrous, because small amounts of water can will cause your chocolate to seize. It’s very complicated, and I’ve never been keen on anything I’ve made myself.

Coco Polo’s chocolate, by contrast, is tempered perfectly. It has just the right snap and mouth-feel. Because it’s flavored with Stevia and Erythritol (the easiest-on-your-stomach sugar alcohol), you can eat the whole bar in one sitting and not suffer any unpleasant effects. At least I didn’t. Everyone is different. But I can say that even small amounts of malitol-sweetened chocolate cause me gastric upset.

That being said, this product is not as sweet as ordinary sugared chocolate. But that is going to be true of any sugar-free chocolate. In particular, Coco Polo’s sweetness is also somehow more subtle, which is the best I can explain it. If your familiar with Stevia as a sweetener in tea and coffee, you’ll know what I’m talking about. It’s not as intense as sugar, but it’s still nice and doesn’t have any chemical aftertaste. If you are a fan of less sweet dark-style chocolates, than transitioning to this sugar free band is easy.

If I didn’t know any better I would give this product 3 or 4 stars because it is not as good as regular chocolate. But having tried to make my own for years, I recognize when I’ve been outdone and I’m giving it a 5 star review. I’ve also tried many brands of sugar free chocolate over the years, and I like this one the best.

On the downside, I think this chocolate is too pricey. When I ordered mine, it was shipped in an insulated container with cold packs to keep it stable. This was in the spring and early fall – perhaps in the winter they forgo this treatment. (They don’t ship at all in the heat of summer.) So perhaps the extra cost is to cover the special shipping.

AlexaWilsey, KS