Coffee Bean Direct Eyes Wide Open Blend, Whole Bean Coffee, 5-Pound Bag

Many people assume the darker the roast, the more caffeinated the coffee. The reverse is actually the truth. Roasting coffee burns off caffeine, so the longer and darker it roasts, the less caffeine is left in the bean. This blend is specifically designed as a high octane alternative to your usual morning cup. We start by selecting coffee beans that are naturally higher in caffeine, and then Light Roast them so as not to burn off much caffeine. The result is a coffee that is ideal to kick start your morning or keep you going all night long.

Quick facts

  • Five Pounds (5lbs) of Gourmet Whole Bean Coffee
  • An Exclusive Blend of Assorted Gourmet Coffee Beans
  • Slow-Roasted to Ensure a Fuller, More Even Flavor
  • Packaged Fresh in 2-ply Foil Bag with 1-way Air Valve
  • Roasted and Packaged to Ensure Optimal Freshness

Top reviews


Let me tell you in plain english. I received the driest coffee imaginable when opening the package. It was dust once ground. The taste is some thing you would find at a roadside dinner 250 miles from civilization. I wasted $25.oo plain and simple and will be throwng the rest of the 4-3/4 lbs. in the compost.
RobbieRensselaer, IN

Good value

Great price! Prices I’ve seen on Amazon were even better than from the direct website.
GwynHooper, WA


Could not wait for this bag to be gone, didn’t like the flavor at all, would NOT recommend. Other offerings from this vendor have been good though.
AletheaAlma, MI

avoid this

This will be the first thing I have had to return through Amazon. This coffee is one of the worst I have ever tried.
DariusOakwood, VA

Bad Tasting Coffee

I thought I would try this but am sorry I did. It taste horrible. Bitter, just a bad flavor. I do not write many reviews but this was so bad I felt I had to. Ordered the Brazilian flavor for a friend, hope that is better.
RebaBloomingdale, GA

Eyes Wide Open, Coffee Bean Direct

I have been ordering from this company for about 7 years. Excellent coffee, reasonable prices, prompt shipping… I will continue to order from Coffee Bean Direct… Jamaican Me Crazy, Eyes Wide Open, Creme Brule….
EdytheWorthington, KY

Coffee beans

This coffee has excellent flavor. Will contuine to buy every 3 months, thanks for a fantastic blend.
May try a few of the other blends also.
VernitaTullahoma, TN

yum yum

Not only is this coffee a real eye opener, it tastes pretty damn good too! Simply put, you can’t beat these beans for the money, full stop.
GeorgieSidney, IN

Great Coffee- Superfast Shipping!

A little acidic, but flavorful and nicely roasted. Amazon shipped quickly as promissed. Will order again.
LeoGansevoort, NY

Not as good as previous purchases

Having purchased this particular coffee blend several times direct from the manufacturer I was excited to see this blend was available from Amazon, however, this particular 5 pound wasn’t as good as previous bags I had purchased and find it somewhat flavorless. I am mixing it w/Columbian Supremo from Sam’s and it becomes much more palatable.
EdenNew Braunfels, TX

Taste=2.5 Caffeine=5

This is not a flavorful brew but it isn’t bad either. I can certainly feel the higher caffeine content and this is a great bean for a get up and go brew in the morning.
CaseyWallburg, NC

quite good for the price

fast shipping althow the vaccumm seal was not as good as it should have been it was not a tight seal should have been solid or hard as a rock this leads me to believe it may not be fresh thats why i only get whole beans stays fresher longer please remember this in future packageing. it still has a mild taste not a real eye opener.
mabe next order will be stronger.
RhebaGranite Springs, NY

Folgers anyone?

Would have liked to know this was a bland American blend coffee. Beans are very dry and tasteless! Looking for someone to donate 4.75 lbs of beans to.
SharonWhite Mills, KY

When brewed CORRECTLY not bitter and CHEAP!

If you brew this coffee with water that is VERY hot it comes out bitter, but if brewed w water between 175-190, it comes out super caffeinated and a very good taste. I double brew it and i get something close to espresso, it kick starts my morning in a great way!
JonahWilson Creek, WA


spend a few bucks more and buy a different Coffee Bean Direct like French Roast, Whole Bean Coffee, 5-Pound Bag
DianaFreeburg, PA