Coffee Bean Direct Hazelnut Flavored, Whole Bean Coffee, 5-Pound Bag

Hazelnut is right up there with chocolate when it comes to popular flavored coffees. Rich and nutty, it perfectly compliments our light roasted blend of beans to create a beverage that has become a standard in the industry.

Quick facts

  • Coffee is roasted fresh immediately prior to packaging
  • Coffee beans are slow-roasted to bring out a fuller, more even flavor
  • Whole bean coffee stays fresher longer
  • Coffee beans are packaged to ensure optimal freshness
  • A special coffee blend is used to best bring out the natural & artificial flavors

Top reviews

very lightly roasted

This is not a deeply roasted or rich tasting coffee at all. It’s very light, with unevenly sized beans — clearly a blend. Some beans are normal size and some are tiny. The hazelnut aroma and flavor is good, but this coffee is not strong at all — even using twice as many grounds, I could not get enough coffee flavor from these beans.

People who like very weak coffee will probably love this. People who like Starbucks will not like this one bit.

FredrickaAllen, KY


The only other flavored coffee I’ve used was Nestle Hazelnut. It too was a 5# whole bean. I really enjoyed that one and thought I pick this one up.

Where the Nestle’s shared flavor with the bean this one overpowers. This one has a burnt note that seems flavoring instead of roast related. I like hazelnuts and this a isn’t anything like hazelnut

Now I have 5# of the stuff. My mistake!

More Info:
I am about 3/4 of the way through the bag. My opinion has not changed. Also, I would note a very inconsistent flavor. Today’s grind seems almost devoid of the flavoring. It appears they really don’t have the adding of flavoring down. The intensity of the flavoring is all over the park.

RinaTolovana Park, OR

My Wife’s Coffee

I make for my wife capuccinno in the mourning befor she goes to work.
And I use flavored coffee in the esspreso machine and it is hard to find
Hazelnut flavored ground coffee at a reasonable price or finding just flavored
beans. This 5pound bag from Coffee Bean Direct was an excellent price and
the flavor was very good also. A great choice for paople who grind their
own coffee beans.
MalenaMcarthur, CA

Basically a city roast with mild hazelnut flavor.

This coffee tastes like a good cityroast coffee with a mild hazelnut flavor. It’s good. I am a big fan of hazelnut, and I would like the flavor to be a little stronger.

My husband loves the aroma of this one and he prefers it to the Boyer Hazelnut because it is a little darker roast than the Boyer.

RobenaKingston, MI

Great mild brew

Smells great, looks great and tastes great. As a guy who likes strong espresso type coffee, I was surprised and impressed by the bold flavor with just a hint of Hazelnut. With just a little half and half its great first thing in the morning.
FreemanNew Offenburg, MO

Wonderful coffee beans

My husband loves Hazelnut coffee but the price of flavored coffee is so high, I used to only give it to him once a week, but now I can afford to give him his favorite everyday! He loves the rich flavor!
KaLittle America, WY

Great coffee

I have been buying this coffee for at least 3 years and I love it. Smooth taste with a hint of hazelnut. Friends enjoy coming over just for a good cup of coffee.
ElroyBrant, MI

VERY OK Price, OK Coffee

This is a nice “middle.” It’s a good-tasting roast coffee, with some hazelnut flavor. I’d say it is as good or better than the Wal-Mart Millstone hazelnut coffee. More of the hazelnut flavor is often too much for moi.

It’s not the best coffee I ever had, but it’s just fine considering that it only costs about $6.25 / lb in the current market (Millstone is about $9).

My only problem is what the product is — 5 lbs. It’s hard to keep that amount fresh, unless you are a restaurant. When a package is opened, I package the full 5 lbs in Wal-Mart (…) coffee bags, 1/2 lb per bag, then double-bag it into freezer bags, and pop that into the freezer. That way it stays fairly fresh, as defined by the aroma — which is really nice when fresh, and less so when not

DonnaPort Monmouth, NJ

Excellent flavor for the price!

Trying something new with this coffee. Didn’t blow me away but for the price, it’s excellent. I don’t have anything bad to say about it other than it’s a BIG bag and I am mildly concerned with freshness toward the end, but we burn thru beans pretty fast =D
RafaelEssex, IL

Now thats some good coffee. Two thumbs up !

I have been so called a hazelnut coffee freak for about 10 years and I have to say that I finaly found the match to the hazelnut coffee my father in law offered me whenever I was over visiting. He has passed away so I can not say if it was from Coffee Bean Direct. But darn it. It sure taste just like what he brewed up. Thanks you for the good cup of coffee and at a reasonable price. I got this page book marked for later orders. TLA
MirthaJerome, PA

good stuff

This coffee is good. I have tried a lot of hazelnut coffees and this is one of the best I got from amazon. It has a darker and richer flavor than most hazelnut coffee. It was fresh and tasty and the price was great at about $6 per pound with subscribe and save. I will order it again
CandelariaCharleston, MO

Really Good Hazelnut Coffee

Finally, an affordable flavored coffee worth drinking.
Coffee Bean Direct Hazelnut is a really smooth, medium roast coffee with a definite hazelnut flavor.
The flavoring is not sweetened, which is a real plus, especially if you don’t like sweeteners in your coffee. (If you do, you have complete control yourself.)
The flavor is not overpowering, but is enough to let you know you are drinking a hazelnut coffee.
Those who have complained may have received a bad batch. Usually the blend is good and roasting consistant, but, as with any other food product, variations and accidents do happen.
I have been using Coffee Bean Direct coffee for about five years and have not yet received a bad batch.
This one is a winner.
TatumIaeger, WV

Finally found the BEST in HAZELNUT THRILLED with flavor

Since Folgers discontinued their Hazelnut I have tried atleast 10 different brands.. FINALLY THE BEST….This coffee is the best Hazelnut Whole bean we have found in years. Love the taste, the Smoothness,,,IT IS WONDERFUL..Finally AMAZON found a good one….We put this on REGULAR SHIPMENTS DO NOT WANT TO LOSE THEM… Thrilled with the taste. THANK YOU AMAZON….Tried so many my Husband and I love it and will follow them where ever they will go.

MJ Wood


Now looking for more products that save us a trip to the store…THANK YOU AMAZON you make it easier for us.

I remember years ago when my Grandmother would call the Grocery store give them a list and they delivered it to her home…NOW I HAVE AMAZON to help us in our SENIOR YEARS…..


Only Problem I had was with Chrystal Light i ordered was hard as a rock like it had been in warehouse for years…..


BrianHarts, WV


Before I say anything else, I am mindful of differing tastes, as well as differences in processing from one batch of coffee to another. That said, I found the Coffee Bean Direct Hazelnut coffee to be evenly roasted (medium) and bearing a robust and rich hazelnut flavor from the first to the last cup. Since this is my first bag of hazelnut coffee from CBD, with which I am very pleased, I will update my comments, specifically addressing the consistency of the roasting/flavoring process from batch to batch with my next purchase. If my other CBD purchases are any indication, I anticipate a consistent product.
KeriMonticello, KY