Coffee Bean Direct Sumatra Mandheling, Whole Bean Coffee, 5-Pound Bag

Sumatra Mandheling Sumatra Mandheling Beans Sumatra Mandheling Whole-Bean Coffee Sumatran coffee is a favorite of connoisseurs the world over. This is particularly true of Mandheling beans, which are often considered to be the most full-bodied Arabica coffee in the world. This famous full body is accompanied by a low acidity, making it one of the most popular beans served in coffee shops and cafes. It’s recommended as a dessert coffee or for those trying to avoid high-acid coffees. Light Roasted This variety of Sumatra Mandheling is light roasted to best preserve and express the unique characteristics of the bean. The resulting brew sports a smooth, full-bodied cup with a sweet and spicy vanilla aroma. The cup provides a subtle, earthy undertone with slight fruity nuances- including hints of citrus and raisin. The finish is dry and slightly bright. Packaging Coffee is shipped whole-bean and is packed in a three-ply foil bag with a one-way valve to optimize freshness. This coffee is packaged for both home and restaurant use. Be sure to grind coffee before use to the specifications of your brewing system. Product Summary Whole bean coffee beans Light-roasted Low acidity Full bodied Sealed foil valve bag

Quick facts

  • Coffee is roasted fresh immediately prior to packaging
  • Coffee beans are slow-roasted to bring out a fuller, more even flavor
  • Whole bean coffee stays fresher longer
  • Coffee beans are packaged to ensure optimal freshness
  • A very low-acid coffee bean

Top reviews

Didn’t like the taste

We didn’t like the taste of this sort.
We are from Europe, American style coffee isn’t what we like.

After this we tried “Coffee Bean Direct Brazilian Santos, Whole Bean Coffee, 5-Pound Bag”, this was much better.

LeoraLake City, IA

Great price, even better taste!

Great flavor, nice medium roast, not bitter at all. Great way to wake up! I have bought 15 pounds and am going to buy more. Other than Tully’s Sumatra, my fav pick on Amazon.
GigiThaxton, VA

Very different

I have ordered beans from Coffee Bean Direct in the past, and they have always arrived well-roasted and fresh. I am very satisfied with the company’s other coffees. However…

These Sumatra beans are noticeably earthier than the Sumatra beans I’m used to getting from my local roasters. In fact, the “earthiness” is all I can taste. There really is no other flavor involved. I expect Sumatra beans to be mild, but these beans take it to a whole new level.

I was able to salvage this bag by blending in about 25% of CBD’s Dark Sumatra beans, but even that still doesn’t make a satisfying mug of coffee.

The two stars are for the speedy delivery (even on Super Saver) and packaging, but order a one-pound bag before getting this fiver.

RoySweet Home, TX

Good Coffee, Good Price

I prefer my coffee roasted much darker than this. It would have been nice to have a little graphic showing where it fits on a light-medium-dark scale (unless it’s there somewhere and I missed it). Still, pretty tasty stuff
MireyaSyracuse, UT

Good Coffee.

A very good everyday coffee, very little after taste and reasonably roasted (no over roast taste.) Extremely good value.
GriceldaSipesville, PA

Great taste!

We like our coffee fresh and strong and this product fills the bill. Delivered fresh and full flavored.
KimberleySaint Libory, IL

excellent coffee beans

loving Sumatra coffee and finding a great deal here I thought I would give it a try; far cheaper than I can get locally; and I was very pleased with the results.
Very fragrant, enjoyable coffee. Well pleased with the product!
LadyBurley, ID

Coffee Bean Direct Sumatra Mandheling, Whole Bean Coffee, 5-Pound Bag

The reason for 5 stars is the price in addition to great rich tasting coffee. It is fantastic with French press and has good crema with espresso. Other beans in the same quality cost more. I thought the roasting is darker than I wished but no bitterness is there. I am still a Lavazza guy but hey I feel I found other good coffee beans.
MarylandAshtabula, OH

Surprisingly good

I was pleasantly surprised at how good this coffee is at less than six dollars a pound. Add on the free shipping and this makes an excellent value. It has become my day to day coffee of choice.
AlisaLafayette, CO

Makes a great pot of coffee

I normally buy a different blend from Coffee Bean Direct, but purchased this one when my usual was out of stock. It makes a smooth, bold cup of coffee, although not as rich and dark as Starbucks’ Sumatra blend. I will continue to buy this whenever my usual blend is unavailable.
HanaKings Mountain, KY

Great coffee!

Very smooth, never bitter. Wonderful for me because this is a low acid coffee and if you have problems with heartburn this coffee is a good choice.
JaymieAfton, TX

Excellent coffee

We find this coffee to be excellent; low acid, no heartburn if one over-indulges. Will keep buying it as long as the price remains competetive. We love it.
AngelynEdina, MO

great coffee

I was very pleased with both the aroma and the flavor of this coffee. I like a light city roast, and this coffee has a nice mellow flavor.
SherylMannington, WV

Light roast, fair trade organic beans are hard to find

Light roast, fair trade organic beans are hard to find. This is s good one for a great price. The flavor holds up for espressos.
IoneWarrendale, PA

It smelled nice….

Firstly, I prefer my beans roasted slightly darker, this is very much a blonde roast. But I could possibly re-roast these beans, however:

My favorite coffee of all time was something sold by Starbucks called Komodo Dragon, and other coffees like it by Starbucks. It is missing a bitterness I associate with acid in coffee, a bite that, in its absense, allows you to taste the coffee. The lack of that distracting bitterness leaves the coffee with overtones of chocolate and berries and, well, all of the good flavors of coffee. I would drink the coffee hot, but more often cool, unsweetened, unflavored, since I found I could taste it much better when it was cool.

A few years ago, Starbucks changed their coffee from “Komodo Dragon” to “Komodo Dragon Blend”. It was still very close in flavor to the original coffee, which I think was all from a limited area.

But now it no longer has a good flavor. It has that bitterness that used to be missing from most Indonesian Coffees and specifically Komodo Dragon and Blend.

So I went off to try and find another decent coffee, something low acid, not bitter, and able to feed my five pound a month habit.

This coffee was labeled as a “very low acid coffee”. I had hope for it. I bought the smallest quantity I could see available, which was a five pound bag.

This is not the coffee that will replace Komodo Dragon – it is not even close. It is bitter, has the flavor of a central american washed coffee. If that is a flavor you like, you might like this coffee. Me? I’m not going to buy another bag, and I will probably make 2-3 pots to see if I can stand drinking it at all-I am very close to declaring it undrinkable and returning it..I want to make sure that I am only tasting this coffee – I cleaned the grinder and all that but I will make at least one more pot to be sure I don’t have any of the fail Komodo Dragon Blend in the pathway. If that comes out as bad as this pot I will likely return it – or give it to a neighbor or some such. Or drink it with some hazelnut syrup or even cardamom to mask the bitterness. Because it is not that low acid, unbitter coffee that Komodo Dragon Blend used to be.

And that is too bad.

KaylaCollinsville, CT

Not very happy

This coffee is weak. If you are expecting Starbucks here do not waste your money! I initially thought it was a good deal but now I can’t wait until it is gone. Ordering more of what I am used to and throwing out the rest.
NapoleonWest Hickory, PA

Not what I expected for a Sumatra coffee bean

I’m trying to get through it so I can order some darker beans with a more robust flavor. The last order I made was for Dark Italian beans and I was very happy with the product. Amazon won’t take it back as a return.
ChristenaMadison, WV


JuleneRaleigh, WV

Not an earthy sumatra

Ive been looking for a long time a sumatra that has an earthy taste like caribous sumatra from about 10 years ago. Caribou used to have a really good sumatra but they changed there sumatra. While this coffee above is very very good, it is not the sumatra I was looking for. But that being said, this coffee was very fresh and not bitter. I would definitively recommend this coffee

If anyone knows about a earthy sumatra, Im all ears

GenieMerriman, NE

I don’t get Sumatra at all here

I bought this after all the glowing reviews and to be honest I don’t get it. It has a slightly bitter taste and really has a Columbian coffee component to it…overall I’m really disappointed. I previously bought coffee from another seller here, and while neither of these was no where close to the best Sumatra I have had, the first one was definitely smoother. I will give this another couple tries, but if I can’t get it straightened out I will not be buying this anymore and I will be asking for a refund.
ValeryAdams, ND


So – how long has this been crammed into a bin?
It was not at all fresh. I have ordered directly
from Coffee Bean Direct before and this coffee was
GREAT! I thought I could save a little $ here and
not have to buy 25 lbs. to get free shipping from
the company. I am disappointed. Not worth the subscription
savings at all… AND, it took an incredibly long time to ship.
Bah! But I do thank those that picked it, packaged it, and
threw it on the truck!
CharletteFairgrove, MI


Just OK Coffee, slightly acidic, strong and bold flavor. Starbucks Sumatra is same bean but better. Try the Guatemala Huehuetenango, much smoother, less acidic roast. I always grind the beans to a fine powder before brewing to unlock all the flavor.
AntonioHastings, NE

GREAT coffee beans!!

I tried this company’s Italian Roast for making espresso and liked it very much so I tried their Sumatra. Also wonderful! Highly recommended!!
ShirlyMc Williams, AL

Okay Sumatran, nothing special

Nice Flavor, low acidity, but low on aroma and freshness.
It’s an okay coffee for the price, but not a great Sumatran coffee
IsabelCrownsville, MD